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Monday, 6 June 2011

River Arun Ironman Swim now live for downloads

First of the events from the weekends action is now live and online - the Raw Energy Pursuits River Arun Ironman Swim.
This gallery is on free download for personal use - so get using them on facebook, twitter and any other generically branded social networking website you use, your club website or even Tri Talk.

The direct link to the race gallery is:

and the race results and information is here:

Here's a few piccies to remind you of the day, the last one of summer by all accounts...

The long-walk from the church yard to the burial at sea

The race to the seaside begins

I do like the REP scrim

The winner looked far too cool at the finish.

First Lady made the sprint up the ramp

Mac, yes - You can right click this one ;-)

Don't loose your head

Excellent marshalling at the exit ramp

The Swim Tasted great by the way.

Where did I leave my Bike in T1 ?

Afterwards he realised he had forgotten his wetsuit

Big respect for the Canoe water marshalls and a job well done !

And the Land Marshals did a good job too !
My new apprentice helped out with the Presentation photos
The shot taken by my Apprentice JJB, 3.5yrs old - she has a future !
Right, it's late (2am) and we have Dorking 10 and the Seaford Half Marathon to get sorted out for you tomorrow (today) so until later,

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