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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

XT 10k and MTB Enduro now live

MTB Results:

10k Results:

GALLERY: Free download photos for both events: 

We like it when we get to do something a bit different from triathlons and running - so on Saturday a bit of off road didn't do us any harm, although it would be good if someone had turned the lights on under some of the woods. Flash photos are the order of the day for the MTB racing, which has a great effect. Hard flash and mini-soft boxes (can you tell it's a flash photo?) and long shutter speeds, standing up, and lying down all made for some different wideangle and narrow images. Thank you to all the MTB'ers who missed us when they crashed nearby, we do appreciate that, and for some of the stunts and faces pulled. Clearly everyone had a good time - so use the free downloads and stick them on your social networking photo album of choice and show your friends what they missed out on.

2hrs of 10k photos and then 4hrs of MTB photos, by the end of that we were fit to drop. My arms had fallen off, my knees numb and my brain disengaged a bit - much like those of the England Rugby team earlier in the day.

Here's a small selection to follow, and for those of you who like your major off road run challenges then you need to get yourselves over to the autumn Brutal races - starting this Saturday.
Not saying that they are for the faint hearted - but they were one of our best events for people wanting their photos afterwards as proof. Go figure - they are great events:

Rory leads the way. Bikes are cheating on a 10k run Rory.

Big puddles apparently, or he's the Messiah. Or a very naughty boy.

Good humoured support raised the spirits

A tiring run course.

Some tough climbs

straightforwards decent

Scaring oneself was important

A bit of a speed jump

A lot of a high jump

Powersliding round the corners

wizzy panning with flash fill

Attacking the hills

Charging the lap finish
 Another great event from Toby and the allabouttriathlons team. Support CycleSurgery and Runners Need by sticking your free photos all over facebook, twitter and your blogs, after all - we usually sell that size for £5.49 each and you just got yours for free...

Until next time (soon)

Click here for our race finding link page on the blog
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