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Monday, 12 December 2011

Brutal 10 Race 3 now live

 4300 pictures of Brutal mud and sweat are now live and online here:

Over 200 cold hardened Athletes and Canine companions decided that the army training grounds at Bordon were the place to be on Saturday, the coldest morning of December so far.
With the car thermometer cracking up to -1DegC (from -3.5) when we arrived and with the sun slowly glinting over the trees it was a quick shake of wet muddy hands with Dave who had just run the course to check it for safety and ensure it wasn't too easy. Apparently it wasn't and he pointed me to a few of the trickier locations for Mike and I to go and take a look at ready for the race.

Checking across different points around the course and figuring a plan of action we aimed for 6 different points with two priority locations of the 6k swamp and the 9k tunnel which you will find are probably the most fun shots to have a look at !  Hope you enjoy the gallery, another fantastic race put on by Colin, Dave and Allan with their team of volunteers and the fantastic food from Tom, I recommend the Currywurst.

 The Next Brutal 10 is at Longmore, on the day before you have to go back to work after New Years day - i.e. the 2nd January.
Click here to go to the Brutal website: and get your entry in soon !

Across the frozen fields at the start

Don't mess with the tame wolfs
Fun up to your knees

All ok So far at 4k

Carry your small friend with you under your arm

Canicross with your mascot

Honest, proper running. Just not on grass.

From up here I can see for miles

At one with nature

Apparently it was cold.
Through the tunnel of love

Runners over the top and then down and round

Soundbite - "And your going on a diet after this" "woof".
All happy with a quick wash down near the finish
off together into the woods upstream.
So the Brutal race Gallery is live and online here:

Next race for us is the RPAC Holly Run kids races - the very last run out before christmas !

The Seaford Mince Pie 10 is just uploading as I type, so that will be blogged up next !
until next time
(p.s. current live gallery list is below - get them before they are archived)

Click here for our race finding link page on the blog

Current Event listing
10/12/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 3 2011
27/11/2011 now live - The 3xMolehills 2011
20/11/2011 now live - Brighton 10k 2011
13/11/2011 now live - Poppy Half 2011
13/11/2011 now live - Phoenix Preston Park Races 2011
13/11/2011 now live - Grand Union Canal Half 2011
12/11/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 2 2011
06/11/2011 now live - Veteran Car Run 2011
06/11/2011 now live - Loseley 10k 2011 - free downloads
05/11/2011 now live - Future Car Challenge Run 2011
30/10/2011 now live - Barns Green Half Marathon 2011
22/10/2011 now live - Beachy Head Marathon 2011
16/10/2011 now live - Abingdon Marathon 2011
16/10/2011 now live - Kellystore Guildford 2011 - free downloads
15/10/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 1 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Givaudan Ashford 10k 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Badger Half 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Herts 10k 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Petts Wood 10k 2011
08/10/2011 now live - XT MTB Enduro and 10k 2011 - free downloads
08/10/2011 now live - Dusk till Dawn 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Reading O2O 10k 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Basingstoke Half Marathon 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Rowers Revenge 2011
02/10/2011 now live - 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Wimbledon 10k October 2011
25/09/2011 now live - Hursley 10k 2011
25/09/2011 Now live - The Big 10k 2011
25/09/2011 now live - Tonbridge Half Marathon 2011
24/09/2011 now live - XT Festival 2011 - free downloads
18/09/2011 now live - Kellystore Joyden Woods 10k - free downloads
18/09/2011 now live - Pilgrims Half and Full Marathon 2011
11/09/2011 now live - Chestnut Tree House 10k 2011
11/09/2011 now live - Bacchus Full and Half Marathon 2011
04/09/2011 now live - Newbury Tri 2011
04/09/2011 now live - Maidenhead Half Marathon 2011
04/09/2011 now live - ETL Spitfire 20+ Tempest 10
28/08/2011 now live - Bexhill Tri 2011
28/08/2011 now live - Arundel 10k- free downloads
27/08/2011 now live - Hard as Snails - free downloads
21/08/2011 now live - Ringmer Tri 2011
20/08/2011 now live - Pride Run 2011
20/08/2011 now live - F3 Dorney Triathons 2011
20/08/2011 now live - Big South Swim 2011
14/08/2011 now live - REP Birdman Swim 2011
07/08/2011 now live - Milland Valley 2011
Archiving soon
30/07/2011 now live - REP BTF Aquathlon 2011- free downloads
27/07/2011 now live - Bexhill 5k
24/07/2011 now live - Down Tow Up Flow Half 2011
24/07/2011 now live - Downland Running Festival 2011

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