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Monday, 23 January 2012

F3 Events 2012 - 10k and Duathlon now live

With a quick 9 man-hours of office time yesterday evening to go through everything - the Galleries for the F3 Events 10k and Duathlon race 1 - 2012 are now live and online here:

Windy but warm conditions for January saw the start of the F3 Events Duathlon and 10k series held at Dorney lake near Windsor.

Tight racing including some at Olympic standard gave it everything, including some first timers trying their hand at triathlon without the annoying wet bit.
A full race report is here from the organisers so I won't replicate that !

For our bit we had a new team member out on the course covering the running sections and race, whilst already a professional phtoographer and runner, for Hannah getting on the other side of the lens during a race was a new experience. "I'm exhausted from the amount of concentration whilst watching people run" was my favourite noted comment of the day (and we had only covered the duathlon at that point.)

As I'm not a paparratzi (and never will be) I'm not used to random people purposefully standing in my way and being abusive, but there was a first time for everything during the duathlon cycle - so if I don't have your photo on the bike course it's probably because your father came and stood right in the way in front of me (only 2km of route to stand on and he chose my 1m) and then decided to verbally abuse me. Weird doesn't describe it, but in 25 years of professional photography I guess there is still a first time for everything. I have his photo as he's supporting, but unfortunately out of focus (because he's in the background). I'm tempted to post it here, but that might seem a bit unfair... For what it's worth the race manager wanted to disqualify the competitor who he was supporting - but obvisously as I didn't get their photo (due to their supporter) and I couldn't ID him (not that I would - you can't be responsible for your Dad now can you?)

Anyway for those who didn't have my view blocked I was having a day out with some off camera remote flash. Here's a small sample from the bike course some with and some without flash - it's a tough call between blur and freeze - and sometimes just sometimes lots of blur is good - it's a bit of gamble sometimes, enjoy ! At least I was out of the wind when I was lying on the ground doing some of these. For the technically minded it's about 100th or 125th of a second depending on the amount of blur you want and adjust your ISO depending on how dark you want the background to be.

surely she was cold ?

this chap gave it the face all the way round, and did ok too

Out of the saddle and driving off for the down-wind section

looking ahead carefully

reaching for the banana

Big shoulders. Very Big. Big Deal.

Enjoying the race

If it wasn't for the wheel blur, this could almost be a studio shot with the flash fill

That old standard - the slow shutter panning along piccy

So that's the first of the events under wasy. We're scheduled to be at the 2nd and 4th races in Feb and April because the whole country has decided that the 25th of March is the day for a race - and with 5 other 1000+ people races on that day we get a bit short on resources. If we can get coverage to Dorney lake for the 3rd race we will - but I can't bank on it at the moment (booking photographers is a bit like hearding cats).

Other Events for you to enter:

Apart from the rest of the F3 races here: we would like to draw your attention to these ones:
Half Marathons from Feb - if you're on a spring marathon training plan:

And a 10k-ish next week for your training warm up in south london

RIgtht, fingers crossed my Calf has de-knotted and I can get back out running, otherwise it's a treadmill ECG in two hours with the cardiologist. Could be interesting in a "that's normal" kind of way hopefully.

Until next time

Here's a list of recent galleries you might have forgotten about your pictures - get them before they go !
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12/11/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 2 2011
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30/10/2011 now live - Barns Green Half Marathon 2011
22/10/2011 now live - Beachy Head Marathon 2011
16/10/2011 now live - Abingdon Marathon 2011

Click here for our race finding link page on the blog

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