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Sunday, 15 January 2012

G3 January Race 1 - Free Downloads

The January G3 10k race free download gallery is now live and online here:

In the opening event of the years Runners Need G3 race series, organised by 370 runners braved the sub zero (-2 degC) early morning temperatures with a clear blue sky above whilst fog and mist hung in the valleys.

Starting from Newlands corner and down around the January course, (here on the good running guide) the 10k course takes in the challenge of St.Martha's hill on the sandy hills of the north downs, which once you've done that twice, you still need to get back up to the finish at Newlands Corner from wence you came. It's a bit of a sting in the tail.
The view from the top of St.Martha's Hill

Smiling on the way up for the first time
 Toby the event organiser asked if I could also do some arty blur shots - which for the technically minded of you requires wirelessley triggered off camera flash, external battery pack for fast flash recycle time, and a tripod, camera set at about 1/40th on Shutter priority (some on 1/20th too). There's a high edit out rate, and also the flash doesn't go off (when it's busy, unless you want to blow the flash bulb which costs £250) but there's a couple of hundred in the arty folder here: if you fancy a look see.
Naturally due to the blur and angle I can't index all of them - so worth a gander or check through the 000 files as always. Let me know if you find one that needs renumbering - makes it easier for you to find next time...
wizzing through the woods

mind the tree...

one way down the hill in the dark woods

almost looks like a studio shot

yep looks like a studio shoot

power zoom, off camera flash, long shutter speed. the equivalent of photo gambling - sometimes it works and you get a dynamic result

enjoying the view from the top of St.Martha's

Freewheeling down the hill at more than full pace

Rory led the runners out on his bike, cheating as usual

at about the 2k mark in full flow

it obviously wasn't too cold, just sub zero

The view of St.Martha's Hill from Newlands Corner - with mist hanging in the distant valleys

good finishing all the way to the line

pushing in to get the time down

Competitive running to the end

So go to the results here to see how well you all got on - and also to make sure you've entered the next race on Saturday February the 4th. See if you can do the Feb course faster than Guy Bowles did this months in 39:44 - which as a sub 40 on that hilly course is frankly awesome...

And as way of an experiment - if you do download your photos - please give the event a "like" (as on the gallery page here  ) for the facebook thingy

Have a look at this list below in case you may have missed yourself in any of these recent gallerys - it's a small selection of some of the recent ones, as well as the next ones that are going to get archived.

Next race is the F3 Events Duathlons and 10ks at Dorney lake - hopefully it will be summer by then and a bit warmer !

Until next time,

p.s. in other news Comet took their 48hrs, added 4 weeks, and finally agreed that the display docking station may have damaged the wifes phone (which of course it did). The cheque is apparently in the post, thanks to Darren in customer services who chased the technical report and the Hove store manager who didn't quite do everything possible to delay things, so I'm not going to ever shop there again !, just like you ? We await the postman.

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