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Monday, 6 February 2012

G3 Race 2 now live and other news Feb 2012

G3 Downloads now live and some other snowy weekend news

Saturday saw the second of the G3 off-road race series around the hills of the North downs at Newlands Corner near Guildford.

The second gallery in the Runners Need G3 race series is now online and available for free downloads from here:

It was -9degC when the race started, and it stayed about that temperature over in the woods, but a balmy -2degC in the open fields. This being the hardest route including the ascent up the south face of St.Marthas and as a response to feedback over past years, Toby the organiser announced he would be starting as well to get the all important "customer perspective" and see what all the fuss was about. Pictures of how he got on later...

On the way out down hill at the G3
Without the snow 323 adventurous souls turned up to enjoy the crisp views across the Surrey countryside, that's if your eyes didn't freeze up and the pain from the air in your nose as it froze when you breathed in wasn't too bad. On the upside the cameras managed to operate ok for the duration of the event although I kept mine as warm as possible in the bag for as long as possible - multiple stories of peoples smart phones going dead in the cold should serve as a warning - keep them in an inside jacket pocket if you can.
Slightly tougher coming back uphill on the G3 at 8k

Sunday saw snow in the east and north, which to be fair to the Met Office had been forecast all week. Race Cancellations abounded with intelligent decisions on the Saturday from the Bookham 10k, and Ashford 10k (which was our two bookings cancelled - four photographers going hungry and the babysitter the day off), with Watford Half marathon also cancelling late Saturday as the snow began in north london. The longest wait was from Great Bentley Half Marathon in deepest Essex who decided on Saturday to let people know at 7am on Sunday, despite heavy snow in Essex from 10pm - not the most mindful decision for competitors to plan their sleep patterns and journey times given they are 1.5hrs from the M25. I see they have picked a new date that clashes with the largest half marathon in Essex on the 25th of March - I fail to quite understand that decision, but then it is only 800 people max, so probably less than that now.

Ashford and Bookham are both yet to announce their new dates, I'll try to update you on here when they do. Follow their twitter and facebook pages if you want to be up to date too.

The two main races we knew were going on was the Longleat 10k and the Chichester 10k, both to the west so unlikely to be snowed in if the forecast was correct - which again - it was.

After a brief debate on what to do on Sunday I decided to go to Chichester to test a new camera body recently acquired on the ebay, so the plan was to give it a good thrashing and continue to get a feel for it's performance in tough conditions.

Driving out at only -1degC this morning (that's 8degC warmer than yesterday!) and in about 4 inches of snow once I'd made it to the Southwick Tunnel on the A27 to Chichester it was like stepping out of the cupboard from Nania - almost no snow, slightly damp roads +2degC. The race was on !

A survey of the course online sent me to the 7km mark. As I'm not the official photographer (Martin Lewis here is ) I'm not putting my gallery front page in public view - but as you're special you can access it via this link:
It will be a good test of social media to see how many of you share this link with your teammates and friends ! You can't get to the gallery any other way, and if you surf out of it - it's not listed on the front page, so use the link above again.
Strong at 7k

Good team pacing and enjoying running !

As usual you can search for your picture using race number, but of course as I was testing things and at 7k with the pack quite tight, I can't guarantee to have got everyone (well I know I didn't - a job like this should be three to four photographers to be honest to do a thorough job). Do enjoy it, twitter and facebook social sharing links will all work as usual.
From where I was there were a lot of happy faces running 

In other news, the accountant bloke has called time on being self employed. So from as soon as possible I'm no longer going to be living the dream, but going to be the owner of UK Sport Photo Ltd (trading as Sussex Sport and once again an employee. It's taken almost exactly 4 years from quitting the day job, 9 years from first covering running races, 28 years from first picking up a camera, and almost a month from my 42 year old mid life crisis half marathon (Cambridge) for which my right calf muscle has not been playing ball.
To celebrate I will mostly be wondering how I cover the VAT that will inevitably have to be levied and paid soon, so before that hits home, get your pictures ! I will try to tell the new owner that the whole point of this work is "to make people happy", I hope they don't get all corporate on me.

Finally, some of you might have noticed some blanked out large preview images on the gallery. The system blanks out any images that have been right clicked. Who would do that ? well it doesn't matter, but it means that the only way you can preview the image is the thumbnail, which I agree is slightly inconvenient - but at least you haven't had something stolen from you !

More Pictures below,
Until next time

p.s. don't forget - if you can get there - Deal Half Marathon next weekend

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Lead Bike marshal starts having a bit of a kickabout

smooth running down to the foot of St.Marthas in the woods

Toby in the blurry action flash picture

Not blurry off camera flash action - done in the studio

Thames Turbos enjoying their club XC champs

Grinding up the last hill

Enjoying the closed roads at Chichester

Mr Bolt trademark salutes

Enjoying the run out

Peppa Pig put in a good time

Best socks seen out all day

Smiling all the way at 7k

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