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Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend ahead - Feb 26 2012

Narnia, also known as Bookham

Well after three weekends of cancelled events, and no events, snow, ice and a weeks decorating - it's officially the end of my "holidays". By Holidays I mean I've not had the office full of people cataloguing images and processing orders, so its been a bit lonely. We have been busy planning the months ahead with over 130 events this year to sort out and a few more requests coming in just yesterday - which was nice,

The last weeks have been quieter than Christmas for us, and the next weekend off is scheduled for November - so it's back to reality with a bump and full steam ahead now for 10 months. Oh dear god. (must keep off the caffeine)

It's been frustrating - whilst some races cancelled (obviously nobody to blame) some races we would like to cover (that did take place in the cold after the snow) that said they had a photographer on their website - didn't. So I could have done some work after all dammit, and fool me for not double checking with the organisers. On the upside child #2s bedroom is now fully functioning and decorated and finally into her own room now she's just turned 2. Victory is mine.

So race news and updates:
It is possible to be happy in the snow

Rescheduled dates

Deal Half - have announced it's going to be on the 13th of May instead. Cracking weekend that one with a lot of things going on - however perfect for post london wind-downs and a good mini-goal to set yourself if you're marathon inclined to avoid the post-race lows and no target. We're scouring our contacts for two additional photographers to cover that as currently we have 12 photographers already out covering events and 8 others booking time off to do other things.
I'm sure there will be plenty of extra places to race it so get your entry in asap.

Ashford and District 10k - have rescheduled for March the 18th. I'm waiting for the race website to update and last time I checked the organisers website it had this information. The race website has yet to be updated - I'm not sure how sold out it is - but if you want to do it get in quick as it usually sells out.

The Bookham 10k, is going to be on May the 27th instead 
A training group did go out on the course and Simon fancied a bit of snow photography and landrover testing - so he put up a few images here
Running to find Aslan

This weekend

With the mini-heat wave ensuring that a drought almost certainly is on the cards accross the south-east the temperate air means it's going to be perfect half marathon and duathlon racing this weekend.
I think Tunbridge Wells half is already sold out, so don't be going there, but if you are looking for a fast and flat half marathon this weekend look no further than

the Roding Valley Half marathon.
Entries are still being taken on the day (Sunday 26th)  so get on down there: under £20 on the day, chip timing and track finish. Print off the paper entry form to speed things up at registration and get there early as it's always busy and popular. Race starts at 9am.

F3 events 10k and duathlon at Dorney lakes I'm told are now fully subscribed - they would make them larger if they could park more cars. Building on last months race the perfect weather conditions this weekend will again see if people have upped their game, or help them get into the racing groove over the winter. Fiercly competitive at the front last month so don't turn up thinking you can give it 75% as you'll get left behind as the internationals at the front hit turbo power.

As a very relevant side-show this weekend many of the counties top runners will be running around Parliament Hill on Saturday for the National XC championships. You really do have to witness the start of the senior mens race if you ever get a chance. Last year it was at Alton Towers. We covered it three years ago but unfortunately this year circumstances are preventing us from getting there. I'm sure it will be a very popular event as ever and watch the athletics press for news on the winners.

Getting that Customer experience, or running in the half marathon for a change.
In two weekends time I'm having my mid life crisis half marathon. This is defined as having the fear of mid life and wanting to do something about it in the form of running. I used to be a sprint hurdler - over a decade ago now, so this is nothing like the same. It's a lot harder than sprinting for sure. (well for me it's harder, you have a go at some 3'6"hurdles sometime - they're easy!).
It's going to be the weekend after my birthday and also the first Cambridge Half marathon. So I'm taking yet another day off work (don't worry the team is still out!) to go back to the town I grew up in and to give it a go over some well used training routes that the course follows. Alas SSP are not photographing the race, so I'll have to see what the competition are like at selling photos. It's sure to be an odd experience.

Now at the moment I'm injury free, and have my first 10 miles training planned for tomorrow. The way it's looking sub-2 will be good, but painful.8Min miling on tickover is quite ok at the moment, so provisioning for a bit of a blow up and a modest start. Keeping it going for 13.1 miles (nb not a 13.4 "brighton" half) will be the real test.

Getting into the whole experience I have also set up a justgiving page for the BHF here:, because let's face it, I'm the one with the enlarged heart on betablockers with tachychardia and it's not that much fun. And as 42 is the meaning of life the universe and everything, what the hell, it's a leap year and I have an extra day to train for it.

So, off for a stiff 5k now, and 10m tomorrow. Oh yes and a quick visit to Brighton Parkrun to give the cameras a test now that Canon have returned them after their servicing (should have taken two days, but hey - two weeks in the end for their "pro" service. Just as well "we were on a break").

So until perhaps monday or tuesday with a round up of the action - enjoy the fine weather, and the linog run at the weekend,


p.s. seriously most of these galleries are going to be archived very very soon - don't miss out if you want to remember them later:

Event about to be Archived
18/09/2011 Pilgrims Half and Full Marathon 2011
18/09/2011 Kellystore Joyden Woods 10k
11/09/2011 Bacchus Full and Half Marathon 2011
11/09/2011 Chestnut Tree House 10k 2011
04/09/2011 ETL Spitfire 20 + Tempest 10 2011 Sept
04/09/2011 Newbury Tri 2011
04/09/2011 Maidenhead Half 2011
28/08/2011 Bexhill Tri 2011
28/08/2011 Arundel 10k 2011

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