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Thursday, 8 March 2012

March 11th - Mick and Phil Half Marathon 2012

Many of you will know that I don't usually do a mid week blog, so apologies for that - I don't intend to keep you too long. Please have a quick read through I've tried to keep it brief. Thank you in advance.

What? and When?
This weekend is the second - (tri-annual it would seem) running of the
 Mick and Phil Half Marathon at Draycote water.
 Sunday March 11th 10am, 2012.
The brief message is - get there on sunday if you can - the weather will be perfect and they are still taking entries on the day. Tell Tess I sent you. 10am Race start, Sunday the 11th of March.
Race details on runners world are here:
Where ?
Aim for the sailing club on here:
It's pretty much in the middle of the country, off the M1 near the Watford Gap services, so lots of you could make it there in good time with the usual sunday early race start !

Why ?
The official race page is here:

Some of you may well have heard of Mick and his Son Phil, and I won't put all the details here, but to quote the website which sums the "Why?" up nicely :

"Phil Curry has Cerebral Palsy and Sodium Valproate Syndrome. Since 2002 his dad, Mick has been pushing around races all over the country. So far they have run 41 marathons together, and over 200 half marathons.
In 2009 they were overwhelmingly voted in as Runner's World Heroes of Running and we organised the first Friends of MicknPhil Half Marathon. It sold out quickly and was voted one of the top ten races of the year by runners."

In 2009 when it was first run, we donated all the profits from photo sales to Mick and Phil - which we thoroughly enjoyed doing and many more people than usual bought their photos knowing that this was the case - which was truly great. 
However we can't be there this time, so I thought the least I can do is to point you in the right direction if you fancy a pre-london half marathon in lovely surroundings for a great cause. treat it as a medium marathon training run if you like- you don't have to race everything to the end !

What was it like last time ?
Here's the blog I wrote about the last one - so lots of photos and I think videos on there for you to enjoy:

So, here this. I'm not asking you to donate, or get sad, just saying that instead of going for that long training run on sunday on your own, why not go to Draycote Water, enter a very friendly well run race, and by just doing your thing, donate to a fellow runner who could do with a bit of help and have a nice time too.
Please enter if you can - entries on the day, only £18 for unaffiliated - but take £1 for the parking.

Normal blog service will resume shortly - probably on Monday once I have some races to talk about, and once I've recovered from running my first half marathon at Cambridge (yes you will be able to go on marathon photos and laugh at me suffering for a change, or laugh at the quality of the pictures, or indeed both as I contemplate having just turned 42 and wondering why I need any new challenges in my life), and the team have worked through the photos from Lydd, Finchley 20, and the very popular Colchester half (now in it's second year).

Thank you for your attention, I hope even if a few of you are alerted to the M&P Half and can get along there this blog has made a small difference because you'll have a great time ! 

Apologies and Sorry again for the change in blog routine time and space, I promise it won't happen again (well this month anyway).

Enter here:  via the official race page, or on the day:

Until next time

p.s. remember - you run faster when you smile. fact. question is - can I ?

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