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Monday, 5 March 2012

Runners Need G3 Race 3 2012


The Runners Need G3 gallery is now on line and ready for free downloads here:

Full race results can be found here:

Search the gallery with the race number shown in the results - i.e. 24 not 1024.

Remember it is a free download gallery, so while I've turned off the right click copy defences on the gallery - you will get a better resolution image by just clicking on the download button - which is free.
If you want a better resolution image, or top quality print - then it's orders as normal, thank you !

With a weather forecast on the Saturday of rain later and driving to Newlands corner in what can best be described as foggy mist and low dark cloud - it wasn't looking like the ideal race photo conditions we have come to expect from Toby and the AAT team. I'm usually whinging about low sun directly into the lens, but at least there is a view from the top of the hill.
Things however did brighten up when I had just parked at the foot of St.Marthas hill to a phone call from by brother who had somehow entered the race and was waiting at the start:
Brother Tom: "I'm not so sure about this there are some really fit people standing about here and waiting"
Me: "yes Tom, you've probably got one or two off road national champions standing about there too"
Tom: "Whaaat !! oh   f*&%%^$^ "
Me:"hahahaha enjoy and I'll see you in a bit on the way up St.Marthas"

The two of us split up from the car park - Sally went to about the 1.5k, I went to the 2k on the hill and planned our second places accordingly. And then it was just a simple case of waiting for the pack... a selection of photos below.

Return of the prodigal son, also known as Tom

Others were more industrious in their approach to the first hill

Alex attacked the slopes with gusto

New kit on top - remotely triggered camera (just like they do at the Olympics) to get a wideangle view simultaneously

Wideangle view from the remote - St. Marthas in the background
Double thumbs up for the descent at 6k

the number reveal

no press please, I'm upside-down number

And then the heavens opened and the universal question of WHY ?

Remember - you run faster when you smile
To be honest, Tom did better than I expected so quite impressed with him for that at 55th place. He can laugh at my attempt at the Cambridge half marathon on sunday if my recently acquired calf injury allows me to actually run it rather than back sweep it.

Next up is the Steyning Stinger gallery, which was cold, wet, windy and frankly, wild.

and yes - the Purple Patch Maidenhead Half Marathon gallery is going to be archived next so don't delay if you want your last chance to get pictures from it. Seriously.

until the next one,

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