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Monday, 14 May 2012

Staines 10k and Marlow 5 now live 2012

The first brief update from the weekends races:

The Staines 10k gallery is now live and online here:

The Marlow 5 race gallery is now live and online here:

We worked late into the night (ok only 2am) to get these two races online quickly, and clear the decks. We are now working hard to get the Oxford 10k loaded next and have just had the data for the Deal Half Marathon and the East Grinstead Triathlon delivered - so that's the way we're rocking through today. Listening to a combination of Radio2, 6 and 5 in the office - if you were wondering...

Updates on those galleries as and when we get them online - twitter @uksportphoto is the fastest way to know, then we update our facebook page, and then this blog.

Sun, not flooded and a rather nice start at Marlow

The first off at Marlow heading for a 24min win !

Sponsor Mr Stone looking calm before the storm

Personal victory celebrated is always a pleasure to see

Texting and Running - a new hobby all of it's own

Why so many people run fast at Marlow.
Start off at the front and hold your place at Staines

Easy in for the win for the 32:56 for Chris Dettmar

Well done for Jaydee Hunt for 39:41 win in the womens

Right back to it for the rest of the galleries - see you on the other side - updates as it happens, a bit like the football yesterday...


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