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Friday, 25 May 2012

The weekend ahead - May 25th 2012

What ? Sunny. You have got to be kidding me, or was that just 40 days of rain over then ? I see no Arc.

Here's the weather forecast then :
(office environment friendly if you're wondering).
Bono Estente indeed.

This weekend will be just the two events for us - the Folkestone 10k and the Bookham 10k (this time without snow).
Both are still taking entries so beat the deadline.

Fokestone 10k (Kent coast)

Bookham 10k (Surrey / Leatherhead-ish, easy from M25)

Usually we cover about 10 events per month, so far in May it's been 20 - making for a very busy time for everyone here in the office and at the events. We could do with a day off. Any day. Please nominate one for us as it's been 7 days a week since mid March and I've not been for a run since :(

With over 155,000 images uploaded in May alone - it's easy to loose track - so here's the galleries for May in a handy list in date order so you can find yourselves and friends for that Friday feeling !!

23/05/2012Mundays 5k 2012
1904 files
20/05/2012Great Baddow 2012
13193 files
20/05/2012The ETL Denbies Races 2012
2670 files
20/05/2012Bognor Prom 10k 2012
13888 files
20/05/2012Horsham 10k 2012
2592 files
19/05/2012Brutal 10 Race 3 2012
14940 files
13/05/2012Deal Half Marathon 2012
1797 files
13/05/2012The Marlow 5 2012
8194 files
13/05/2012East Grinstead Triathlon 2012
10414 files
13/05/2012Staines 10k 2012
4092 files
13/05/2012Oxford Town and Gown 10k 2012
15869 files
07/05/2012Watford 10k 2012
13036 files
07/05/2012Burgess Hill 10k 2012
11038 files
06/05/2012YMCA Fun Runs 2012
10832 files
06/05/2012Richmond Half Marathon 2012
5359 files
06/05/2012Three Forts Marathon 2012
10131 files
06/05/2012REP Steyning Triathlon 2012
2895 files
06/05/2012Haywards Heath 10M 2012
6220 files
05/05/2012East Grinstead 10M 2012
6345 files

Some readers will be dissapointed by the lack of rain this weekend

Prices - because time and photography isn't free.
Recently I found a blog debating about the price of race photos and how it might be cheaper and why was it "so expensive" ?. Given that it worked out as a reasoned debate and touched onto the unknowns which I think I helped to fill in - I thought it worth sharing it with you here: the blogger is a good runner - and his most recent blogs explain his build up to Edinburgh which also makes interesting reading. So Hello to Lewis Birchon - I hope the Edinburgh prep and taper madness is still going well !

Race planning
A handfull of other races you should be in the know about if you fancy planning ahead.


June 4th 2:30pm start - Godalming
Jubilee 10k: Royalist, or not royalist and want something to do instead on the bank holiday? then go here:

Worthing 10k - new lap route on the seafront after work
7:30pm Wednesday 6th June

Half Marathon
Seaford half marathon - wonderful views - June 3rd
Aquathlon - for Kids
Get your kids active if they can swim and run on July the 8th - it was a fabulous day last year.

Mid Sussex Tri club Tri -10th June

Off Road Triathlon - for those of you who have tractor bikes and fancy testing yourselves
The Vachery Tri a *new race* part of the esablished XTri race series
(and there is a road tri too if you don't have a tractor MTB)

So for now, Scorchio, don't forget the sun-block, hat and long sleeved white top for the weekend. Big white compression socks have never seemed so appealing.

Don't get sunburnt
Until next time

Enjoy the hills, the views and the Sun this weekend

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