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Monday, 4 June 2012

Seaford Half Marathon 2012 photos now live

The gallery for the Seaford Half Marathon 2012 is now live and on line here:

On a day that didn't have the most promising of forecasts, it worked out ok in the end with no heavy rain really materialising, and the wind only setting in towards the end - making it a bit more tricky than usual to put in the sprint down the finish line !

A very strong turnout for the race despite race day morning conditions, it's clear that those entering know what they are getting into when they take on this challenging downland route with the Seaford Head cliff route at the end to really test the limits of endurance and hill running ability.

Very well done to the NPS Lions and Seaford Striders on putting on another great race and one that will remain popular for many years to come. Nice to see some union jack outfits too for the Jubilee !

Flying the flag

Busy at 2 miles

long sleeved union top

Well done on first lady !

Jan went for the whole legs and top ensemble

Done with full pack - top effort

no, not that way, it's too quick

Finish straight in the distance

Early Victory practice

Simple yet effective Jubilee dress code

It wasn't that wet on the route ?

This is an optical illusion

Out for an easy run, picturesque running along the river

Right we're still working through the Arundel Triathlon gallery, and also off to Godalming for their Jubiliee 10k race, so it's all still busy here despite the bankholiday. Thank you for all the suggestions that we should double the prices for BH races xx


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