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Monday, 9 July 2012

The Hurt and RPAC Summer 10k 2012

Free downloads from the RPAC Summer 10k are available online here:
Just click on the download button above the image to get your watermark free 800px sized race photos - ideal for sharing, home galleries and social media online galleries, pus of course - perfect for recording your personal history.

The Hurt 2012, see running pain like you've never seen before, on a new "improved" course here:

Also as a quick heads up - galleries from the Sussex Triathlon (Day 1 - Standard Triathlon) is now online here:
although I'll put a new blog for the whole Sussex triathlon weekend later.

The team is currently getting through the cataloguing for the Sussex Triathlon Day 2 - Sprint and Middle distance races,  and also the 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon - tweets (@uksportphoto and facebook updates will be first to get news updated just as soon as they are live, followed by this daily based update blog.

Here's a quick selection from pictures at the Hurt - enjoy, and wonder why you missed out ? even Andy Murray didn't feel this much pain on Sunday, and these guys didn't cry about it either. Well I don't think they did....

The problem with a sign like this - is you don't see it at the bottom when you come up it

Even the winner found it a bit tough going

Dave didn't take the moment to look behind him at the view

This was the last time he let the dog chose the route for walkies

Rocky style ascent of the hill. Victory was his. Queue soundtrack....

Looking far too smooth in the woods

Wings. Would come in handy for those steep climbs.

A good day out for the canicross owners. The dogs wern't so sure...

One of the nicer downhill sections

double double thumbs up !!

Mind the log, and off down to the end of the first lap on the 24k

Good concentratey face on firm terrain

Up yet another hill and out into the daylight for lap two

It's a family affair !

Victory at the last run into the finish !

Saturdays Rain

After the traffic and spectator debacle that was the qualifying day at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix, I wont be the first person to discuss the impact of rain on attendance at sporting events this weekend. Locally to me (within 3 miles) the overnight months worth of rain on Saturday generated flooding and road blocks and I witnessed first hand on Sunday morning a spin and crashed car (nobody hurt, but car written off) on the M23 as someone aquaplaned in heavy rain. Go carefully out there !

Clearly accidents and mayhem are going to make things slightly offputting if you're due to go to a race. This has been reflected in the turnout we are seeing at races, whilst they are all managing to sell entries and fill up - with many closing entries well before the race day itself, the drop-out rates are increasing rapidly. For example - most organisers budget for about a 20% drop out rate - people get injured, schedules change, life goes on, which when 350 entries are sold - you expect to see about 290 people on the day. However - when it's about a 40% drop out rate - as we have seen across a large number of recent races - you do start to wonder what is going on. Where is everybody ? Is it just the miserable summer ? the four months of rain ? or just people over enthusied by the olympics making them sign up for races they know they are never going to attend ? - I don't know. What I do know is this - if we don't see you at an event, we miss you. We want to see you doing your best and making a go of it, and achieving something at the weekend, something you might look back on and remember - I did that ! and if you're not out doing it.. well - simply put - you can't and we can't !

Based on our latest figures 23% less of you are out and doing something memorable than the equivalent time last year. Is it the summer of discontent ? possibly not quite yet, although we are starting to cancel coverage of events based on these figures. So before it's too late - we hope to see you out and about sometime soon and if you have entered a race - you've spent your money so you might as well do it !!

Right, until next time, which will probably be tomorrow with the Sussex Tri galleries and the Sevenoaks Aquathlon free downloads,


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