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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tonbridge Half 2012 - Gallery now live

The Race photo gallery for the Tonbridge Half marathon is now live and online here:

There is a fantastic race report and summary of events on the race website here: so I won't repeat that, just click on the link.

At the time of typing this the results are still provisional and I know that the team at SportSystems are going carefully through the records to ensure any misfiring or missing chips are all accounted for and worked into the results correctly. Look out for the final results posting from the race director when it's live, and in the meantime if you spot a possible query then do let SportSystems know so that they can work their magic for you.

Gallery Searching
In the gallery you just need your race number to find your pictures. We go through them one by one to do our best to make it quick and easy for you to see your photos using the search box. Sometimes we just can't see any number so you will need to check against the search results for 000 (that's three zeros).

Celeb Spotting
You might have noticed Dame Kelly Holmes (described as the greatest British middle distance runner ever - by Seb Coe (across both the men and women) ) was there cheering you all on - so if you want to see pictures of her in action - then simply search on "Kelly" in the search box. We did our best to get shots of you receiving your medals from her too, and it was a challenge and a half to get as many of those pictures catalogued with the right race numbers for you - but hopefully we have managed to do that.

Also Kaddy Lee-Preston from off the telly box weather forecasting was there - she unfortunately had to leave early to go and turn on the rain (successfully) but any images we have of her are indexed with "Kaddy" so you can search on them quickly too.
General photos from the day can also be seen in the "misc" selection so have a search in there too.

Charity donations
As with all the charity races we cover Sales from the gallery are put towards the charities supported by the race, so if you want to make an easy donation with something to treasure afterwards - then race photos make an ideal gift - for your friends or indeed - for yourself !
Over the past 12 months we have raised over £2500 this way, so please help us to raise even more money for good causes.

To add to the long thank you list on the race website, thank you to you all for turning up on the wettest day of autumn so far and well done to the whole team lead by Andy Blundell  with the Tonbridge Rotary and Tonbridge Lions Clubs providing wonderful manpower and organisation skills to fuel the day.

Next Weeks Races and call for final entries.

Sunday 30th September:
Fingers crossed this weather will pass through and Sunday will be perfect autumnal running weather - it's last call for entries for the inaugural Ealing Half Marathon
Also we have the -

  1. The Bexhill Big 10k 
  2. The Folkestone Half Marathon
  3. The Purple Patch O2O Reading 10k
All are still taking final entries, and whilst we are at it, Chris Carter asked me to mention that the Brighton10k in November is onto its last few places - so don't miss out if you want to do it.

7th of October

And if you're planning a slight weekend off running, then travel to Basingstoke half or the Events to Live Badger half on the 7th of October.

This Saturday 29th of September

And finally a special mention for The Hurt this Saturday - even the winner of the pilgrim half marathon was reduced to his hands and knees on this "slightly undulating" cross-country forest trail challenge. If you fancy some amazing views, then this is one for you.

Aaaand- now here are some photos from the weekends Tonbrige Half ! Enjoy.

All go go go at the start

Top team

Dad's a Winner !

First three places take a bow

First Lady home

Excellent Team Entry from the Vegan Runners
It's an undulating course through the roads of Kent

Tasting the half marathon for the first time

Spot on and enjoying the run and the rain

Proud moments at the finish

Excellent Charity fundraising running

The top medal hand-out team at the finish

"Bagpus, Bagpus, big fat lazy catpus." there appears to be some kind of mistake ? The mice do all the running usually. And anyway where's Emily ?

Happy moments at the finish

Demonstration of touch and hold to get spot metering on your phone camera.

Official Start line video. I hope she charged for that service...

Good running on the out lap
Double thumbs up

Top team running

Waterproof mascara was the right choice

Relief for Clark

Top team finishing

Friends providing a warming coffee on the finish straight - what more could you want ?

And finally, email subscriptions to this blog have now gone through the 10,000 mark (another 5364 didn't activate their subscription after requesting it, and another 4600 who subscribed, got their news and then unsubscribed) and we have seen over 3000 of you regularly read these blogs in the emails.
When I started doing it, it was a quick update, gallery links, and a few pictures, and somehow a race report or other, and somehow I think I've managed to keep the happy spirit with which it's intended and I've only  ever had one person mis-reading the wrong captions and get offended (but that was quickly put right, and it was a caption about a friend of mine too !). Just don't start me on the two-earphone topic ok.

Anyway, this is a quick thank you for subscribing and I hope you continue to enjoy the weekly updates and photos from around the races. Just let me know if you have any ideas - seeing as our distribution is larger than most local newspapers these days there might be something bigger and better we can do with it. And I always like to hear from you as well as seeing you out running !

Until next time

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