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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ealing Half Marathon 2012 - gallery now live

Over 67,000 photos from Sundays first Ealing Half marathon are now live and online here, for you to browse, buy, share and keep for a lifetime - so you can say "I was there !" (or when you're a lot older) - "I ran in the first one, EVER! back in 2012..."
And here's your proof:

Well done to everyone who took part - from the marshals, medics, management and medal hander outers, to the road closure, sponsor enhancing, chip removing, banner waving,  runner supporting, cheering crowd, waving and ofcourse race running people involved !

Sundays first ever Ealing Half marathon went almost without a hitch, perfect weather, good transport, loads of marshals, big fields, fantastic numbers of runners entered. That is until someone driving on part of the course in the early morning (nothing to do with the race) decided to say hello to a lamp post and leave their car on the route (we have no photos of this unfortunately/fortunately). We understand that nobody was hurt, so that's good. So after a very slight delay of about 15 minutes the Ealing Half marathon went off at 9:30 around the new course.

For those of you that know Ealing, you'll know that it's not flat. Some of you who have lived in Ealing apparently don't know that it's not flat too. Some bits are, and with a start and finish in roughly the same place, you're going to go up as well as down the same amount, but yes - it was a bit of a surprise to some people just how hilly the course was. Go and have a read and review yourself of the race over on runners world here (although you might need to be logged in to that website) and add your wonderful feedback on there.

Over the years we have gone to many first time events, and when we do we usually make sure we are super prepared, because inevitably - somethings not happened and with our knowledge of events we can quite often help out a bit. From this perspective this race was a bit boring - we had nothing to sort out anywhere, everything was expertly sorted out. The marshals were all doing a good job, the finish funnel was organised like an amazon warehouse at christmas and the banners and side barriers were set out exactly as they should be (thats with the side support triangle layout to ensure they don't blow over with the banners). Even the finish arch (as longtime readers of this blog will know - a health and safety favourite of mine) was so solid not even a tornado would have blown it over (it had large lumps of concrete at the foot of the towers). So - big congratulations to Kelvin and Alan the main organisers and creators of this race - you did it !

I'll stop here, suffice to say it was a great half marathon and I strongly recommend that many of you who are regular half marathon runners who fancy an urban half marathon that is mostly green, and a bit undulating (it's nothing like the Pilgrim) then this is one for your 2013 diary - and there's a sign up with interest email on the home page here

And did we mention the official race charity ? Monies raised from the sale of photos will be going to the official race charity Epilepsy Action - so help us to donate as much as possible by buying your photo today :

Other race gallery update.
Folkestone Half Marathon and the Reading 10k will be online later today (Wednesday).

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Jonathan Stead sets the course record at 1:09:51 for Herne Hill Harriers - an age grading of 85.4 - the best of the day across all entries.

Ganbatte All Nippon Airways Team ! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu !

The Pre-race casual look

The Start queue back into the park

The LARGEST headphones ever seen at a race

"Exactly why did you enter this race ?"

Bananas. Clearly. All for Good causes !

The Xempo time pacers did an exacting job around the course

BBC Tech correspondant Rory -

Hi Mum !! (always wave to your supporters)

Ready to Rock the course !!

The lead runners at about 200m, chasing down the lead tuc-tuc for a lift

Ealing Runners bossing the course

Flying along

Flying the flag

Flying into the finish - Gabriel Carnwath winning in 1:23:43 from Altrincham and District AC - best female age grading of 78.59

Down, but not out.

Correct finish technique !

Always wave to your friends...

Yaay for charity fundraising!!

Always involve the kids

Here our lovely assistant points out the hills and landscape that makes Ealing such a nice place to be

Excellent mobot technique

Look into the lens, not around the lens... classic photobomb

double thumbs up, we just needed the Evian sponsor logo to show and that would be perfect for the PR team

Ichiban Sensei desu

Apple IOS6 maps wern't the help he had hoped for

Top effort all the way round !

When Mobots go wrong. Valiant effort though !

Ciggies and phone - in the front pocket, all ready for the finish!

 Until next time, perhaps see you at Basingstoke at the weekend ?


  1. Brilliant photos!!

    I was a marshal in the Hanwell area and it's lovely to see these photos. They really capture the fun element of the day. Thanks for sharing.


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