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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Hurt v2 and Bexhill Big 10k 2012 now live

Just a quick update on the weekends race galleries:

Now live:

The Bexhill Big 10k and fun run, organised by Team Lifestyle
Gallery is live and online here:

The Second Hurt 12k and 24k 2012, organised by allabouttriathlons
Gallery is live and online here:

Updates on progress for the other galleries from the weekend:

Ealing Half Marathon 2012 - A most fantastic inaugural event - and with 99,600 images taken and we're past half way in the indexing - if it goes to plan the gallery will be live at going home time Tuesday, here

Folkestone Half Marathon 2012 - we're expecting the data in the post on Tuesday and will start the indexing asap - expect wednesday morning here:

The Purple Patch Reading O2O 10k 2012 - data is in the post for delivery before 1pm, so we're anticipating that arriving on time and getting stuck in to the indexing - it will be here - expect wednesday morning -

look - number 112. Very Orange.

Please to see you

pin your number to the front ?

The ledgend that is the Jacko conquers the Galley hill

Best Guide Dog I've ever seen

Here's looking at that view

Just checking - almost at the top

Here's the view from the first hill climb

Wiggo Sideburns starting to be popular

Victory to the end

This is how running in the woods feels

OR sometimes it feels like this...

OR sometimes it's just feels great !

There's that view again

Next update when the Ealing Half is live, follow us on twitter @uksportphoto or on Facebook 
for faster updates...

Until Next time,

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