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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brutal Bagshot, 7Oaks Tri and Warrior Run 2013 now live

Hello !
This weekends races are all online and ready for you to browse and order - it's been an epic weekend of off road adventure and the opener of the triathlon season. We have hand processed over 70,000 images - tagging them with the race numbers so you can find your pictures quickly. More on that later...

Here's the list of galleries, get your screen res collections and share them today !
Brutal Bagshot - two laps of brutalising:
Sevenoaks Sprint Triathlon - The first of this season - and Free race downloads:
The Warrior Run - Obstacle racing like you've never experienced before :
Twitter @UKSportPhoto - if you want to know to the second when galleries go live - follow us on twitter. It's the first thing we do once the gallery live button has been pressed !

Next Weekend
This weekend coming is the busiest of the year, with the next Sunday having 6 separate events on; 3 half marathons, a sprint tri, a 10mile and a running festival. This combined with a 10mile on the Saturday and two 10ks on the bank holiday Monday - we're going to be absolutely flat out afterwards getting images numbered ready for searching. So advanced warning - please bear with us it's going to be massive !! (You can bare with us if you want, but those visits are by appointment only in those cases).

Here's The links to the races in case there are entries left for you:
I promised a shout out for the 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon Entries on the 7th of July - a ridiculously successful event last year - this is the race not to miss for young active kids who like a bit of swimming and running. Anyone over 8 - this is your race - make Mum and Dad watch you for a change instead. And the photos are on free download for this too...

I'll get to the pictures from the weekend in a bit, but first a bit of industry news...(yawn I hear you say, but wait one affects you too).

Copyright - it's not yours any more
Copyright laws are changing !!
For those of you who are interested, or if you have ever uploaded your photos to a site like flickr, twitter, facebook, instagram or they show up on search results like google images- you'll be pleased to know that the new Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill on the use of "orphan works" has now passed royal ascent - so in time are very likely to become acts and laws. 
What are orphan works ? - any photo you can't tell who took it - and because it's easy to take copies of images and remove all traces of the author from it's data this means most of them, especially all of yours.

What will the new Act mean when it comes in? currently orphan works should not be used - however...well read this on the Register: Basically, it's not yours any more...and they don't have to care. 

One Solution
So, if you don't want to have your photos sold on or used by someone else without getting anything (which happens much much much more than you would think), then the only solution is to put your contact details as a watermark across the middle of the image, (not the edge because that can be cropped off). So in the future, if you're wondering why your internet has become covered with photos spoilt by annoying watermarks - you have Google to thank for it (that's who lobbied the government for this). Thanks Google :-) (and the rest of you). 
What's the other impact ?, well newspapers and magazines will continue to use even more images without asking permission first, photographers will all eventually become hobbyists instead of professionals and you'll all wonder what happened to the good old days when magazines and newspapers had good images from lots of different sources. The future will be a bit like this example from the video gaming industry or like this as highlighted by the Sports Journalist Association
On thing is for sure - these guidelines are going to have to change at the UK copyright service.

If you do put a watermark on your images (like we do on our gallery), and you see it being used somewhere else, or hosted on a website without your consent - send an invoice - as the current directive
applies - liability is not absolved under section 19 because the watermark provided the knowledge they needed to know that it should not have been used... and if they have not removed the image, you should then be sending them an invoice... which is what we do, because when it comes to earning a living, we can't afford not to. If you're not sure how much to charge, find a similar image on Getty, and pretend to buy it to get a possible price... Now do you see what your pictures are worth ?

General knowledge for the triathlon season !
OK, what number ? Give us a chance !!
Numbering. Yes, I know, and so should you - it's in the rules.
With the annual triathlon season upon us - I'll ask one thing if you do one - please make sure we can see your race number somehow - if we can't see it you'll have a much harder time to find your photos ! The following locations are of no use / do not count - top of bike helmet shade peak, back or side of helmet, tri-belt (almost always cannot be read), number on your back, number on arm covered by T-shirt. Put it on the front !

The best place to get your race number is on the back of both hands (for the swim exit and run), and on the front of your left shin (for the bike - if not covered by calf guards). Alternatives that work, are on your left forearm (so it can be seen from the front). 

Personally I'm all for numbers on faces (cheeks and foreheads), but that always gets vetoed so please do your best to help us and we will do our best to help you see your pictures as soon as possible !

Right, you've scrolled down past all the interesting bits, here's the short selection of pictures from the weekend, where frankly you were all having far far too much fun. Even in the mud, and the sun.
Finished at 7Oaks !

Busy at the start of the Brutal, before it got Brutal

Skipping the light fandango, before the mud

It really wasn't this bad


lost a contact lens ?

All ok in here

And the course was this much longer than the london marathon

double thumbs up with passion !

Where's my tyre gone ? oops wrong event

High Fives with clubmates

Hang 10 on the bike course hill

No tickling if I'm giving you a piggy back ok

you've missed a bit

yes, but I think I've got it now...

It wasn't that muddy

Here's where the weed was

Even Bolt can't do this

we need some scores from Tom Daly for this one...

All is ok. Wet, but Ok

Physically all is ok...

I said, show us your Pecs... but here's their TRex

Photoshopped. Obviously.

Getting gripped. Tyering times at the Warrior run

It was her bit of wood and nobody else was allowed to use it

and Four my next trick

look where you're putting those things will you !!

the raargh of warrior running

Respect the medal, take the shot

Next stop, Mens Fitness magazine.
so that's it until next time, probably another rant about copyright and some crazy running stuff,

well done everyone - until this time next week !

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