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Monday, 22 April 2013

Clandon Park Run 2013 and REP Bluebell 10k - free download galleries now live

Well done to everyone who raced this weekend, not only those of you at Clandon and Angmering, but obviously that other little race up in London - the London Marathon. The weather has been perfect for running, if only we had all acclimatised to it for more than a week...

Marathon memories 
For those of you who did compete at London or indeed Brighton - don't forget to come back and get your training race photos from those half marathons and 20 mile races. It makes it easier to remember your personal journey to your goal race, to share it with your family in 20 or 30 years time (when nobody will believe you that you did it *that* fast, even if at all), and heavens forbid - remind yourself in years to come to do it all again ! 
(NB for proper archiving you should get proper photo prints made (not inkjet prints) - either from the high res digital files or directly from the gallery - as they don't rely on any old technology to work and they won't fade or discolour in 5 years time - and who knows what VHS tape technology will be like by then...)

This Weekend
The race Galleries for both this weekends races are now live and on line - both of them have free downloads - ideal for facebook, twitter, blogs, emailing to the relatives and family, showing them at school, and anything else you can do with them yourself (because that's personal use). If you're a publisher (i.e. a company) and you want to use our images on your website to make your website and company seem a bit more interesting or nicer then get in touch to find out how (because that's commercial use). 

Race logo Race Gallery link
The Clandon Park Run 10k and 4k fun runs - Free digital downloads from the Sponsors Vines BMW here
The Angmering Bluebell 10k and 10m run - free image downloads gallery here
Well, that's it - it's almost spring ! How do we know this ? Let's look at the evidence; - 
no snow, not wearing salopettes to work, Brighton and London marathons happened, birds chirping early morning, BST, and the trees in blossom.

Not yet Spring. April 20th 2013 no foliage.

Oh no, hang on a second. No trees in blossom. If the weather carries on as it is, i.e. above freezing, then we have about 4 days before the hedges and trees burst out into colour and green foliage, but until then - go for a walk into a woods and see if you can spot the difference - it's very unusual to have a high sun and be able to see through the trees in a woods. In winter, with a low sun there is a lot more shade about but right now, with the higher sun, it's light in the woods. Have a go and look see, it's very uncanny and quite unusual. The ground plants are however having a field day... but even the bluebells haven't burst out yet and the brambles are having a field day. Quite what this is doing to our fruit and other farmers crops this year - I dread to think, the price of vegetables and fruit is probably going to sky rocket whatever happens as supplies fail. 

Weekend roundup
The first of the races this weekend was at the Clandon Park 10k and 4k fun run, organised by allabouttriathlons and the PTA at the George Abbot School where it's based. Vines BMW have helped by sponsoring the free race downloads from the gallery - so click here to go to the gallery and take a moment to have a look at their website on the way through to the gallery. You can only get to the free downloads by going through their website - which seems a fair swap !

The 10k route goes around the woods and then into the grounds of Clandon Park - grounds that people don't usually have access to to go for a run - making it a very special course (if you have time to take in the views)  owned by the Onslow family, and Baroness Onslow gave out the prizes this year to the winners and you can see the prize photos if you search on "prize" in the search box.
Otherwise as usual - just enter your race number and find your photos - and if you can't remember your race number - check the results here

One of the best things about the race especially the 4k is the number of young runners out there giving it a go and enjoying running - long may it go on !

The Raw Energy Pursuits 10k and 10m Angmering Bluebell race went off on the Sunday, again through a private estate based around the south downs taking in many paths and tracks that most people don't usually get access to. The Free downloads which are included as part of the race package that REP put together for you are here: 
Interestingly with all the London marathoning going on, unusually in the 10k there were more women than men - with 176 women v 119 men finishing the race - usually races are only about 30% women - so this is a massive change compared to usual at about 60%. If any of you have any explanation for this then let us know, it can't just have been The Fox pub and its lovely food or the great kids pay area ?

Anyway, enough of the words, time for the photos, don't forget the next weekends races including :

Saturday - Brutal Bagshot - some places still available
Sunday - 7 Oaks Triathlon - full, the second it went open...quite popular
Sunday - The Warrior Run (Obstacle X-Country with wave starts) - entries still open

Running through the sunny woods at Angmering

two miles in and going well

winning the sprint up the last hill

unhappy with their first effort, after the race these two came back for a photocall...

Debbie Pentland - survivor and achiever - get and read her book here: 

The hills are alive - out the other side on the 10 mile route

Victory at in the woods

well, that's over that hill
up *that last hill*, it's not that bad really
A thorough warm up and general route directions for the course
The 4k race start - keep clear they take no prisoners

double thumbs up at Clandon, heading to the 2k point

Happy hands on the way round - for good reason

a nice day for a run

If you're happy and you know it, show it !

Concentratey face at the finish

Double thumbs up in the woods

I've run it , so there !  Top Effort!

Best friends forever ?

Only race organisers can run in their own race with no number. It's a DQ for everyone else ok ...
Until next time, keep running and to everyone recovering from either or both marathons, remember to take a break and recharge those batteries now ! Best of luck with any stairs you find...


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