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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

EG Tri, Marlow 5 and Oxford Town and Gown 10k 2013 now live

I hope you managed to have a good weekend ?

Fortunately the races on Sunday all took place in the early morning sunshine before the rain crept back in, meaning there was some fast running going on about the place and as ever with a little bit of sunshine comes a load more smiles - which always makes the outside office a nice place to be.

We've been working hard at the inside office constantly since getting back, so here's the links to the race galleries - all have links back to the race and their particular results from there:

Race  Race Gallery link
The East Grinstead Triathlon
The Marlow 5 mile
The Oxford Town and Gown 10k
Profits from photos go to Muscular Dystrophy

If you're looking for events this weekend coming then there's
The Bognor Prom 10k, Staines 10k (full), Godalming 10k (full) and Horsham 10k - all of which are taking place on Sunday the 19th.  So it's a trip to the seaside, or the Rugby Fields of Horsham if you haven't organised yourself so far.

Personally, I'm off next weekend for a 25th anniversary, so the fort is being ably maintained by the top team here in the office, Sally, Seba, Hannah, Simon, Harvey, Holly, Hayley, Mike, Scott and a few others will all be out at the race or working hard to bring you your race photos - give them a smile and your best race face if you see them. Fingers crossed for the weather on sunday, but it's looking a bit wet, cold and windy, so bring your waterproof skin and get out there and do it !

Right, here's a few pictures from the weekends action - thank you to those of you who saw me over the last two weekends and said how much they enjoyed reading the blog - it really does make all the difference to know that when I'm toiling away at 1am after getting up at 5am to cover the races and trying to get things done that it's worth it ! If you ever want to tell me something - feel free to ring, tweet (@uksportphoto) or drop me an email ( or post on our facebook page if you prefer.
And - if you ever have suggestions on how we can make the gallery better, or improve our services - I'm always interested to hear from you.

7am, and time to go for a bike ride at EGTri

Slightly faster into T1, note the Blue sky !

Flying home, and dipping for the line at EGTri

Use of wings for a faster finish

Top Teamwork to the finish in the Try a Tri

No Pressure on Charlie - #no1 and came first just in case at Eg Tri

The Brownlee brothers have a new PR rival in the Whiteley Sisters, Helen and Amanda who took the 1-2 in the Try-a-Tri. Being Partially sighted didn't seem to be a problem either !! Awesome !

First ever Triathlon for third place. Ok I'm biased as I always try to post pictures of fellow Allumni from Lufbra  !

Bananaman - ok there's fancy dress, and then there's actual super hero. He came home in  22nd place of 35:38. Well done Neil !

David's milkshake helps raise money in the yard...

Sarah has always been a fan of Mr Tickle

Meanwhile on the A22 they were giving it fast on the bike at EG Tri

Any Bike will do - just get out and do it !

You can always look very serious indeed if you want to for the classic portrait

All smiles and waves at the start of the Marlow 5

the pervasive phone use in a race. You're late and will be even later for the finish if you don't put it away...

"the ascent of running" - if Michael Angelo took race photos

Slightly busy at the start of the Oxford Town and Gown 10k in perfect weather for it

African scrub camoflage - surprisingly effective in a crowd

Not so camoflaged, giving the Blue men a run for their money, Orange is the official colour of the MD charity.

Harriett Potter twins

Feeling awkward they started to send text messages to each other, even before they crossed the start line...

Running for the race Charity

Bananaman again - didn't slip up.

Great run in home for the win at Oxford in 31:30 by David Mulvee

Even if you loose a few places, stopping to hug your kids is always a good idea

c'mon Pete, good effort in 44:16 (yes random old schoolfriend gets in the blog)
Not so camouflaged now !

Excellent effort by the team raising funds for Muscular Dystrophy

Correct happy finish wave to the crowd

With that 10,000yrd stare, make sure the Race Director at any event is your friend..

Some of the Oxford 10k team with Christine Hamilton - Race starter

Christine Hamilton starts off the main race

It's a bit late for checking your route at the finish..

All go at the start of the Marlow 5

Rob Thompson came home in 25:39 over the 5 miles

Probably a bit close for the portrait...

You've been Tango'd Alex in 43:31

Top finish Julian for the 47:31

You can kind of see why he was running fast, at Oxford...

Your races need you !! 

Have a good one this weekend, keep warm and you'll enjoy it even if you're wet in the rain.

Here's the result of a recent poll "have you ever bought a finish line video at a race?" - thoughts please !

Until next time,

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