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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Staines, Bognor, Godalming and Horsham 10k 2013 races now live

How are you doing ?

The latest four races are now online on the gallery:
Race Gallery link

The Staines 10k

The Bognor 10k

The Godalming 10k, 4k, 1k Runs

The Horsham 10k

A busy weekend with four races all on sunday and all 10ks - the half marathon season seems to be having a bit of a lull over the last few weeks. Probably because it's stopped snowing ?

Apart from a few rain drops at Bognor it seems everyone had pretty nice temperatures and near perfect conditions to run in - not too windy and not to hot.
Race reports:
There's a good report on the HJ's facebook page (although nothing at all on their website page for the event ?!) here: covering the new course record by Neil Boniface in 32.19. Meanwhile James Baker who's record he took ran 32.27 at the Bognor10k to come second to another record of 30:31 by Tadele Geremew, the fastest we saw on the day - both over very flat courses.
Staines 10k saw a win in 32:59 by Alex Millar again on a flat course, whilst the Godalming 10k was over a pretty hard and hilly course for a win by Nick Morgan in 37:37. 

Personally I wasn't at the races this weekend so it's been difficult to pull out a few gems for this blog - but hopefully these will give you a good summary of the racing on Sunday.

Finally - next weekend is the:
Folkestone 10k: Coastal out and back, fast and flat, nice views - entries still available
REP Arundel Tri: Classic Tri with outside lido swim and a beast of a ride - almost full
F3 Windsor Half Marathon: picture perfect riverside running -now full

double thumbs up for a great race at Bognor

Nigel enjoying the sea views

Kids race hard from the start at Horsham

Horsham 10k race start - all leaning into the first bend

Good to see the triathletes giving it a go

Nice run along the tree lined paths at Horsham

slightly hilly, but still good for a gossip

He can still spot a finish and make a sprint for it

Reigate picks it up for the finish places

All good At Bognor

Peppa made a good effort, don't know if she lost any weight this time though.

going on the B of Bang

ever had that feeling you're being followed ?  

Strong running at 3k at Staines

Tish chicks the men with 5th place overall and  34:29 at Staines

Well done on your PB Ben !

Marshals always enjoy watching good running form

Peter got changed out of almost all his costume for the race

Family fun running at Godalming in the 1k

Storming down the high-street at Godalming to finish in the park this year

So enjoy the galleries - remember to buy your images as otherwise I have to pay the photographers instead of via their commission and my children go hungry instead.

Finally, I witnessed the power of photographs once again at the weekend when I turned up with some 25 year old photos of my school friends at a reunion (scanned from negatives). Traumatic as it was, the biggest reaction to the photos was laughter and happiness, and the truly surreal moment when one person turned up wearing exactly the same looking coat as he wore 25 years ago... The other funny moment was finding out one of us has become a Hungarian rock star, but that's another story...
So you may not have to wait 25 years to enjoy your photos once again - but if you don't get them now, you won't have a chance - so don't miss out !

until next time,

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