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Monday, 15 July 2013

Badger Half 2013 and F3 Marlow Half Iron Triathlon now live

Phew !

So you made it through the weekend, the melting roads, the hot saturday night and still decided it would be a good idea to do some hard exercise in the baking hot hottest day of the year ?
Excellent !

Beer was probably the underlying theme for the races - both of which had beer at the finish line. For the Badger half it was a bottle of Badger Beer, and for the Marlow Half Ironman Tri it was a nice pint of alchohol free Erdinger. Both or either were most welcome in the circumstances !

If you survived the 30degC heat on Sunday, then you probably want to see how well you coped in the conditions - click on the links below to find yourself...

Well done to Martyn and the F3 team and Nicky and Alan and their ETL team on both managing to put on events in such testing conditions as well - it's not easy !

Race Race Gallery link
The F3 Events Marlow Half iron man triathlon gallery is here:
Events to live Surrey Badger Half Marathon gallery is here:

Future Events we know you will like !Entry website pages
Phoenix AC Summer 10k
17th July
A run out on the Hove Seafront on a Wednesday evening, after work... should be perfect
Chichester Tri
21st July
The Triathlon, at Chichester
The Hurt #3
27th July
This hurts, it's hilly, it's in a very nice forest.
Purple Patch - Down Tow,Up Flow Half Marathon
28th July
Marlow to Windsor along and around the tow paths of the Thames
The Ride of Hope
10th of August
On a Saturday, so you can still do your normal race on sunday !

12 Spin classes, 1hr each, do them all, do one, do some, do the hard class, do the easy one - the largest group spin (or bring your turbo) in Europe - get involved and help raise money for charity !

Ideal if you're training for a triathlon, and more sociable than watching videos at home ! and its on a Saturday !

Meanwhile in Marlow on the river:
byeee, see you in 6 hours

yes that is his wetsuit. No we think it's the arm.

warning - swimming in the Thames may cause a sudden onset of gout.

Hunger can strike at any moment on a half ironman

little did 24 know that the drafting circus was about to ride into town (with 79 44 254 328 151 271 251 02 335 and 50)

If Spock did triathlon...

Top marshalling and water getting

Alchohol free Erdinger, and a happy commentator. Glowing happily.

coming into the finish, he saw the beer and threw away his water

3 more laps in that direction over there...

exploding foot strike ?

this is how good the Thames tastes

Philosophical cycling 

new tri belt fitted indicators

well, 13 wasn't drafting...

look Mum - no thumbs

Suddenly he realised he'd forgotten his drink

best way to cool down on the laps

The bike took so long, when he got back he decided to have a shave

Clearly winning a triathlon can cause you to develop a drinking problem.
Meanwhile over in Surrey at the Denbies vineyard...
Off from the start in the Denbies car park

leading out past the vineyards the incorrectly named Clapham Chasers

It all got a bit busy along the paths as the field spread out
Hello Jan

Complete with sunglasses the action hero 2013 models the Badger t-Shirt

Still chasing nothing, Majell Backhausen took the win for Clapham 

Is this what Trionium looks like ? Only one way to look improve this look - put your number on the front...

Good to see Nina back after a break

Good teamwork round the course

He's forgotten something

How much branding can we get in one photo ?

They didn't run up this hill (for a change)

Running up the first hill from the bridge

Views in the distance down the descent on the lap

Jumping for joy down the course

We've been sweating away in the office getting the galleries online, I hope you managed to have a chance to cool down and enjoy the rest of Sunday in the evening sun and enjoy the summer !

If you like your cool coastal races then get yourself down to the Phoenix Summer 10k this wednesday and enjoy the gentle sea breeze that should be lapping the air in the evening.

Until next time,

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