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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

REP Firle Races, Chestnut Coastal 10k, and the Pilgrim Half and Full Marathons 2013

Rain ? What rain ?

OK, it did get a bit of the Farnham Pilgrim, but here down south in the morning - it didn't quite materialise in time to spoil the fun. Up North for Mo Farrah it was a bit wet for the Great North Run, and it did get in the way of the Brownlee Brothers at the Triathlon at Hyde Park, but Firle, Littlehampton and most of the Pilgrims way kept nice and dry ! I even managed to get a text read out on Radio 5 giving the races a mention on the sunday morning (alas it's not on a podcast).

Race Race link
Home Raw Energy Pursuits Firle Half, 10k and 5k races:
Free Race Downloads:
Chestnut Tree House 10th annual Coastal Run:

Farnham Pilgrim Half and Full Marathon:

Due to popular demand (well a few of you on facebook asked for it!) the "Call for entries" is listed below -  I'll add races further out nearer to Christmas, but the bigger popular ones I'm putting up early or you'll miss them.  We'll be at these races, so give us a smile and remember to look determined at the finish !

Call for entries:Race Entry link
September Races
22. Tonbridge Half Marathon
29. Ealing Half Marathon
29. Folkestone Half Marathon
29. F3 Henley Half Marathon
October Races (selection)
6. Basingstoke Half Marathon
6. Clarendon Half and Full Marathon
13. Chichester Half Marathon
13. Maidstone Half Marathon
20. Abingdon Full Marathon (full)
26. Beachy Head Marathon
November Races
10. Poppy Half Marathon
10. Grand Union Canal Half Marathon
17. The Brighton 10k
March 2014Perfect Pre-london half marathons
9th - Surrey Half Marathon
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k

So if you were anything like me, you spent Friday and most of saturday watching the rain radar (I use this one - as the rain was due to sweep down from the north west - but would it reach the races ?
Awakening to a blue sky and bright sun, even at 6am changed the mind a little but there was still a nagging doubt, and the blustery wind kept one eye on the skies as it grew progressively colder and clouded over, but it never really rained in Sussex - until I had finished at the Firle Half and was on my way back to the office. 
It made for a bit of a headwind at Littlehampton for the finish of the 10th Chestnut Tree House Coastal 10k, and kept the sun out of the background making for some better shots at the finish (compared to a bright sun straight down the lens in the background), and whilst it go dark and blustery in Surrey, the rain only really came down as passing showers at the end after about 5 hours into the marathon.

I did get asked why I was putting my waterproof leggings on as we waited for the first finishers, I pointed at the sky, the sun being obliterated by clouds and the darkness, and the wind picking up, I then muttered something about 10 years of experience of sitting in the rain - the timekeepers soon had to follow suit and get some coats to keep warm... but it didn't actually rain.

So, Firstly, Firle - a Half, a 10k and a 5k, around a wonderful estate, and a bit along the top of the downs, which of course you had to run up for the glorious views. A small navigation error by the first two on the half marathon put them back to fourst place half a mile later, but such was their strength they pulled it all back and regained their positions for the finish. Commenting on it they both said "No it was my fault, I should have looked up the course to the next arrow!" which was pretty good of them. 310 runners across all the races - which means this fantastic event is growing organically year on year.

Lovely hills and the grounds of Firle Place - go there if you have a chance

All good so far (they hadn't gone up the hill yet)
It's ok to enjoy running - you go faster when you smile
That winning look
That winning look
great team effort from Arunners
That Hill ?!?!?! - err yes
Brighton Pirate last spotted going up the hill
That winning look again, breaking the course record

Meanwhile over at Littlehampton whilst a lot of very fine fundraising was going on (did I mention we donate our profits to them from the race?)  878 runners  turned out in running and fancy dress to complete the 10k. There's a full race report on their website here

All off at the start by the seafront cafe

If the small kids weren't scared, the bloke behind did his trendy cardigan up all skew-wiff such was the shock

Don't stop for hi-fives - you'll get overtaken 

Good teamwork all the way to the finish

Chestnut Tree House team make it into the wind at the finish.

This is how finishing should feel !
Phoning for a taxi at the start - so soon !
Looking good on the first turns of the course
a Hedgehog  ?!?!

The Farnham Pilgrim Marathon and Half marathon once again took place with the awesome team from the Rotary Club of Farnham and Weyside once again patrolling the 26mile route to St.Martha's and back and keeping everyone safe in some pretty hostile conditions.
A good start at the Sands field
You know it's a good race when you see a whole host of other race directors running in it as well..

Here's a Race director Alan checking the route

Always good to check your own race route - Hilary checks the course first hand

Picked for Supper, mushroom found along the way - magic !

Thumbs up on the half

Race Director Heather does some countryside research for her Half Marathon 

prepared for the weather... and enjoying themselves

The Parcour descent from Pewley down

Great team effort all the way round

Fast racing at the front of the half marathon from James

All good at the finish, even in the Hawaiian shorts

Great high-5 at the finish

Good effort for 3rd from Sussex (Burgess Hill) runner Paul

Ian spotted someone in the crowd he liked...(I hope!)
So all in all three great events on Sunday, and we got away with the weather. Very well done to all the race organisers, volunteers and marshals, food, catering and tea makers who put the glue into these gatherings to make it all hang together somehow. Time and Effort make the world go round, and there was plenty of it on display on sunday.

Next Sunday is the Tonbridge half, another locale of time and effort going into a great race - for the third year - fingers crossed for better weather than last year for that one !

Finally, and here's a thought, or even a top-tip ! - if you want to look professional on your linked-in profile, don't use heavily watermarked photos from the race gallery, stretch that extra bit and get the high res image - your career profile might just be worth it, if not at least £5.99. You'd think wouldn't you "GARETH the city financial investment collateral analyst". I've made my point plenty of times before... it's just you get a team of 30 photographers, 5 office staff and two cats (three if you count the neighbours cat Pushkin who seems to take up residence for 8hrs a day when its cold) when you do it to us...

So get your copies today, the screen resolution collections are the best value for money if we have more than three images you like and are perfect for sharing on facebook, so get yours now before they are archived (and the price goes up).

So, Until next time, I hope you all get the most our of the dry days at the start of autumn, and don't forget to get your last minute entries into the Ealing Half marathon for a few weeks time too.


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