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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brighton 10k and Brutal Long Valley 2013 now live

Two truly excellent and fantastic events just held this weekend - both managed to finish before the clouds came over and started to rain. Frankly perfect timing on both events. What happened before the rain was another matter !

The Brutal Long Valley saw blue skies, bright sun, frost and the wettest course of the series negotiated swiftly by almost 400 competitors and some with their canine assistants.  Fantastic organisation and marshalling by the Brutal Team, the ice broken in advance by Colin and Dave, and a rather unnerving group of lookalike marshals... Thankfully Tom's food wagon was on hand to warm us all up afterwards and the veggie chilli. Check out the Brutal website for some more information, and their facebook page for the additional action photos from the day.

The Brooks Brighton 10k on Sunday had perfect conditions - hardly a breeze in the air, about 10degrees Centigrade, and 2700 starters on the line. The flattest fastest 10k in the south was prepared and waiting.
Yet again organised by Brighton and Hove City athletics club and Race Director Chris Carter with Keith Donno, all the volunteer marshals, Scouts, Round Table, timing, water, Studio 57, to name but a few put on a perfect show.

We didn't quite see the sub-30 we always hope for in these conditions - but it did allow Mark Buckingham who just held onto an early lead by 2 seconds to win in 30:48.
There's a few race reports flying about - but Reg Hook usually does a good job on the Sussex AAA website:

Here are the links to the race photo galleries:

Race logo Race Photo Gallery links
Brooks Logo The Brooks Brighton 10k 2013
The Brutal Long Valley 10k 2013

So that's essentially the end of the busy season - it's been multiple events every weekend since the start of August - so now it is a gentle return to the holiday season and the end of term, we hope to get the 21st and 22nd of December off !!

Future events forecast:

Call for entries:Race Entry links for selected races:
Events to live - 3 Molehills
December 2013
1st - Jigsaw 10k
8th - Seaford Mince Pie 10
8th - Hogs Back 11.7km
15th - RPAC Holly Run
28th - Brutal Longmoor
2014 events to follow soon
March 2014
2nd - The Steyning Stinger
9th - Surrey Half Marathon
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k

I think the Husky sticking his tongue out at me explained a lot here

Your Brutal needs you

slightly splashy

That cold leg face look

cold, what cold, just look and keep CALM

Crash through the water for that feeling alive effect

hills? what hills ?

it's all easy

Gritted teeth, before the cold really got there

Join the Brutal races and see the parts of exercise land that other races cannot reach

Becky feeling Sy's Left pectoral. When the organiser doesn't want to get her feet wet - then we have a problem

sometimes part of the course can be slippy

The problem with covering a race like the Brighton 10k, after being part of the running scene here in Sussex i various forms since only 1995, you tend to know a lot of people who run in this race, so I could have filled this blog a thousand times over with pictures of people I know - so apologies if I've kept your privacy intact this time ;-)

Off at the start - a strong front row

The view from the back of the field towards the Marina and Black Rock

Well done Caroline on the 3rd place, and first V45 in 35:53 

A tidy bit of speedwork for Ironman Dr Jim

Good competition all the way into the line

If you're going to do fancy dress - rip the course up - most people lost to the beer bottle

When it gets busy at the finish it's full on to get shots of everyone individually

Zoe concentrating on her way back past the Pier

Taking a photo of the finish time whilst on the move - probably not really necessary - unlike your race number with the timing chip on it...

Susie - the former world record holder for knitting a scarf during a marathon - back in speed training !

Good running into the finish for Clare

Always nice to help friends around the course

15 minutes better than last time - Caroline lent her orange sleeves to Mike for the race - it seemed to work !

Dan was shouting something to his wife, I won't say what...

In other news, Adam Walker - someone I used to compete with at Crawley AC (he was a polevaulter - read his full story on his website), who then went onto international competition and then fame as a Speed and Power coach - is looking for handful of highly motivated Professional Men to help coach and condition in line with his latest bestselling books and training strategy. 
Probably absolutely ideal for triathletes, runners and sportspeople who are looking to go beyond the training plateau you reach year after year and not just in your chosen sport, but as part of an overall life balance and coaching your personal strategy. 
Adam has coached internationals, olympians, paralympians, kids, and club athletes, read his website and if you're interested contact Adam on for more information.

My only advice is if you're thinking of making a change to your life and yourself- do it before everyone else thinks about it on boxing day...
.. and that also accounts for Tax returns. Apparently.

So, really well done to everyone from the weekend, it was great to be outside and see everyone enjoying themselves, I'm going to try and get my foot fixed and then get fit again now the autumn race season has calmed down !

Until next time,

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