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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Poppy Half, Grand Union Half, Veteran Car Run 2013 and Loseley 10k all live

I hope you all survived the wind and rain over the past few weeks. Trees down and broken fence panels here.
Four events now on the gallery since last our last update, all of which have managed to avoid the rain (mostly) by a fraction hairs breadth (thank fully), although a few cars got caught in it at the south downs.

The Loseley 10k and Veteran Car Run both awoke to clear skies and a chilly air, and that warmed up quite quickly. The gusty wind was a different matter down on the coast for the finish line of the Cars at Madeira drive in Brighton, but at least the finish arch stayed up this year !

Then we have just had the Purple Patch organised Grand Union Half Marathon, and the Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon, organised by Team Lifestyle. Both took place (again) in clear skies with bright sunshine and perfect conditions for running in along the towpaths and coastal roads. Almost the two flattest races over half a marathon distance on the same day.

Working unfortunately meant I missed my daughter run the Phoenix Preston Park Races, although I'm informed she put in a good kick at the end to overtake some others. Just waiting for the results to go up sometime soon to see how much she improved on last year.

Its a Brutal 10 next Saturday - probably the muddiest and hilliest race you can do this weekend, followed up by our end of season Brighton 10k - probably the fastest 10k you'll get a go at .

Here are the latest gallery links:

Gallery link
logo The Loseley 10k and Fun Run
London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2011: Celebrating Germany
The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
purple_splat PP Grand Union Canal Half Marathon
Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon

Future events forecast:

Call for entries:Race Entry links for selected races:

November Races
16. Brutal 10k - Long Valley
17. The Brighton 10k

1st - Jigsaw 10k
8th - Seaford Mince Pie 10
8th - Hogs Back 11.7km
15th - RPAC Holly Run
28th - Brutal Longmoor
March 2014
2nd - The Steyning Stinger
9th - Surrey Half Marathon
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k

Lee and Ross had one hell of a support team at Bexhill

Correct bridge slope running technique - straight back, good knee lift, smile (optional)

incorrect slope technique, almost overbalancing and going down the slope into the canal - but fortunately didn't

Close finish, #45 underestimated the width of his vehicle during the undertaking move - check the gallery for the shot by shot sequence !

Mark seemed to enjoy his day off race timing !

First to the finish, and the sky is blue

Two Napiers made it to the line together, the third was delayed due to a puncture

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd Drummer) was chuffed he finished again this year

Last run after 50 years for Sir Ray Tindal

The release of Endorphins that is caused by running along a bit of water

Clearly Not running near enough to water. 

busy at the start at Bexhill, James Baker having to get a bit of a shift on to stay in front.

Concentratey face at the start

Do you think they had a nagging feeling something was wrong as everyone else ran off with no numbers on view ?
If you do see someone put their number on their back, please tell them and help them out #smallactofkindness

Emily flying along the seafront - as usual !!

Double thumb surprise !

Quite a nice shot that over Westminster bridge. remove the white lines for a timeless picture.

The steamer at 7:10am - thankfully made it before 4pm this year !

Zooming along the sussex countryside in good weather is quite nice

Sir Dennis drives the car his Grandfather built - who also built fire engines !

All go at Loseley into the shady light

Euphoria at the finish

Spare runner attached to your back. Just in case you get tired you can swap.

If you don't want to get overtaken, this is just one technique

sun, barges, canal. What more do you want ?

Lovely views and paths along the banks of the Grand Union Canal

Running in a friends memory is always good commemoration

You'll never be as warm as this instructor...

beware of ghosts on any halloween races !
Thats it, until next time, enjoy the galleries and very well done to everyone who took the "rain doesn't matter" decisions on early weekend mornings. So far - we have won !

All the best

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  1. I'm so happy to see how young people are doing sport.


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