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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Now live Stinger, G3#3 and ageUK Tatton Park 10k 2014

A very quick update on progress so far through the 6 races we covered at the weekend:

Race Status or gallery link
aat G3 Race 3 - Free Gallery downloads
Steyning Stinger - Marathon and Half Marathon - Free Race Downloads
Berkhamsted Half Marathon  Indexing in Progress
The NUTS Challenge - SATURDAY Indexing in Progress (eta late Tues) 
The NUTS Challenge - SUNDAY after Saturdays Gallery (eta late weds)
The ageUK Tatton Park 10k

The fastest notification of galleries being live is on our twitter feed @UKSportPhoto, then facebook and then finally on this blog.

For the NUTS challenge galleries there will be some comprehensive instructions on finding yourself if we couldn't see your race number to catalogue your images by. As you may appreciate, it's a tough job to check the images for the slightest hint of a number in many imaginative places !
It might take a bit longer than usual, but it will undoubtedly save everyone cumulatively a lot of time in the long run, so please be patient and we will get there soonest !

As promised, short and sweet, although here's a few fun ones from the Stinger, 13 half or 26 full miles of muddy, slippy, hilly hell....

Jan models the latest in 2014 "must have" runners accessory - the SSP Buff

The Hills are this big, approximately

Yep, still about that big

Twice as big actually

All is ok

His arms are so big, this is how he runs along all the time, for comfort reasons

top team running

Never do a victory mobot before you cross the finish line in front of the wife

because they will take the opportunity to overtake

with no looking back...

459 wasn't having any of it

everyone is allowed to have an off day, even the greats

If you stick your number on your side, out of view, you have to do this to show your number at the finish

with no race number he walked back up the course

Bob and Debbie crossed the line "together"

Jim takes the line in family first place 

The joy of finish

more joy of finishing

His flip flops fell flat

No surrender ?

For the win

Your top team at the finish taking results

yet all seemed so good and fun in the beginning

they just needed some starting blocks

First 10 yards, all good

Fly away for take off and go !

It wasn't looking too bad for Stu at 8 miles...

A fine performance into the wind

Numbers on legs. We can't read them, and if you consider the dynamic of air resistance and leg movement, overall will make running harder if it flaps about.

Sunshine in the background, all is good

The three amigos

Bolting all the way to the top of Chanctonbury

The sun comes out and it's Pamplona time...

So that's the brief update for now, we had better get on with it !
Until then,

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