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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Surrey, Lydd, Roding Half and Worthing 20 2014 galleries all on line

Hi again,

At Last - it's all done ! Here are the direct links for the latest 4 races from the weekend -
Some quite large stats from the weekend - mostly 350 GB of images - resulting in about 118,000 new images fully indexed on the gallery. That has taken over 100 man-hours of office time to get sorted out since Sunday 3pm when we began, and is a bit of a record for us here. 

The main thing to remember from the weekend was it was a fantastically sunny day at all the races - with the inaugural Surrey Half marathon being a great success, and all the other races showing an increase in attendance - the sun seemed to help a bit !

Just for a change I'm not going to write lots, as there's a bit of a queue building up here, and I need to add to the 8 hours sleep I've had since, so here's a few moments for you to enjoy and I'll get on with it with the team here...
Finishing is good fun

or very serious

Can you hear the crowd roar ?

The calm before the storm...

If you know where to look you can spot the winners before the start

bit of a queue for the loos ?, nope everyone was ready...

Always nice to see a fellow professional working hard

Becky - all smiles, it's almost about to start

Rory gets the thumbs up after telling someone where to go (in the opposite direction)

A job well done Rory !

Concentratey face at the front on the way out

And those cheerleaders - didn't they do a fantastic job - 2.5hrs solid


Make the finish bend worthwhile

A good push all the way round the course for Paul

Relief builds with 3 miles to go

They were having a good time !

The sweeping bends out at 3 miles 

all smiles

WHAT ? I've done it ???!!

Absolutely fantastic !

I can't get facebook here....

OK, who pulled off this look better ?

Happy now !

Well done Jess, set some aircon fitted for London !

Is this taking anti-cycling a bit too far ?

Yes two miles to go...

Always good to see the MD from your first ever job working it hard

luv you too

Batman on his Batphone... caption competition time

double double - excellent !!
So enjoy the galleries, trust me if you haven't heard from us here it's because we are doing our best to get through the work in time for next weekend.

Until next time, 

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