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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

now live - Paddock Wood Half, Bournemouth Bay Run, and The Warrior Run March 2014, and Graves Park ageUK 10k

Well done to everyone who got up and out during the weekend, enjoying the first proper bit of spring sunshine, in perfect conditions for running and scrambling about in the mud.

That's the fourth weekend of the month we have had some kind of muddy race going on, clearly the race type is growing rapidly in popularity. Top tip if you want to be able to find your pictures easily - write your race number on your forehead ! It will save you a lot of time from searching through the unidentified images.

Race Name Gallery Link
Bournemouth Bay Run 2014 - Half Marathon, 10k, 5k and Fun Run
The Paddock Wood Half Marathon 2014
The Warrior Run - March 2014

The ageUK Graves Park 10k, Wrap up and Run series race #3

Can't find yourself in the search ?
Always have a read of the instructions on the event page - usually it's to search by 000 and browse through, but for the big muddy races there's usually too many to search like that - so - you need to browse through the unidentified folders at the bottom of the event page.
If you do find unidentified images of yourself - please send us an email in a nice list of image reference numbers, and also don't forget to tell us your race number.
Please make sure you are the subject of the image and in focus, then we can put your race number against that correctly and it will be included in your collection. If you have friends in the race too - make sure you give us their race and image reference numbers so we can mark them up correctly and accurately, and please don't mix them up that helps nobody and just slows us down in processing your orders! 

Marathon Weekends coming up...
Many of you will know the next two weekends are massive marathon weekends - with the two largest ones in England taking place - firstly Brighton on the 6th of April and then London on the 13th April.
Very very best of luck to all of you taking part in these races, I've spoken to some of you about your first time, and I hope that it is everything you hope it will be and more.
We have seen lots of you training hard and putting in your race pacing in the 20 mile races as well as the half marathons all over the countryside in the past three weeks. Remember us when you get that coveted marathon medal and the journey you have made to get there - and perhaps come back and get yourself a more permanent memory for your "before" portfolio !

Remember to get them within 3 months of the races - before they are archived. Things are always more expensive once they have to be recovered from the archives - so keep things cheaper and it is always easier !

Next few weeks
We have a very quite time now, having had over 26 races in the past 6 weekends - so we will be concentrating on getting orders done asap, some sleep perhaps, planning for the rest of the month and year, getting to grips with the many interesting and sometimes intriguing customer emails, strange business offers (no we can't work for free, or give away free work, or sell our photographers out for free), and work through the archive requests we have had too (that make up about 1% of our business).
Apologies to everyone awaiting a reply to emails, it has been seriously busy here, and the team is quite cream-crackered. We will get to to them, even the ones planning sensibly for December races !

Unlicensed Copying
We have seen a massive increase in illegal copying of watermarked images from the gallery, and inevitably they turn up on facebook. Please be aware that it is against Facebook's terms and conditions to do this, and you run (at your own risk) the reality of Facebook closing your account without warning (that's their terms and conditions!) - so please don't do this to yourselves and make sure you only put purchased images onto their pages.
And yes, we are aware of people loosing access to their facebook data through this type of thing - which is why I'm writing this now. Please don't get caught out by your own actions and be aware of their Terms and Conditions (as well as ours too). Just buy your copies and all will be good !

All go at the front row of the Bournemouth Bay Run 10k

That moment you realise you could have entered the 10k not the Half

Good team work to finish the Half

International Running

Face Full of mud ? Certainly sir...

He hoped nobody would notice him escaping off the course

ridiculously steep slide...

ouchy !

V for victory

It was just then he noticed something in the hedge (click to enlarge)

getting running confused with flying (again)

The start view at Bournemouth of the 10k

Sheldon made an appearance

Fetch Batman

Hovering in mid-air is a necessary skill for these Mud Runs, as is walking on water

Waling on water fail, but all is ok

Rope exit after the water

Not really that photogenic a spot for photos

Try to avoid watching the person climbing in front of you up the rope



Correct arm technique when winning big !

Runners world magazine cover framing...

The Paddock Wood Half route is scenic and goes past a few pubs too...

Top Effort in full kit

Flying along towards the railway bridge

Trish does low flying at speed too

[I have removed all the draft captions for this - Ed.]
So, we look forwards to seeing you at the much acclaimed Bolt which is sold out - make sure you turn up in plenty of time to get yourself registered correctly, and then we will be avoiding anything to do with the marathons over the next weekends whilst we have a little bit of a well deserved rest and admin catch up.

Very good luck to all of you taking your places at them on the starting line - it's a big commitment and well done on making it there. Now relax and try to enjoy the race !

Until next time, enjoy the galleries and don't forget to get yours before they are archived ! #youonlyliveonce.


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