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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, Back 2 the Trenches, Capital to coast 2014 galleries now open

How's it going ?
The sun comes out, you get used to a few quiet weeks, and then bang, three events with over 1000 people each and 20 hour days. On the plus side, I don't think anyone suffered from sunburn !

There was a lot of other events going on all over the place, with south downs marathons, north downs marathons, multiple sportives (some clashing on routes with others at one point near Horsham) and some football on the telly too. It was a perfect weekend for being out and about and lots of choice.

Two days later, with over 80hrs of office staff time put down to get it all indexed and searchable for you - and those muddy numbers are very tricky to read accurately - so please browse responsibly !

A favour :
One small request before you go off looking at pictures and ordering them - is please can you fill in my little questionnaire here for me - and then you'll be in for a chance to win one of our exclusive SSP Tshirts !! - click here and give it an answer: go on ! Limited to only 100 answers so make your answers count and get your entry in !

Event Logo Gallery link

The Great Yorkshire Bike Ride 2014 - 

Back to the Trenches - The Big Push

The Capital to Coast Cycle Challenge from London to Hove

Right - I don't have a collection of pictures for the blog of the GYBR - because all that work got done in sunny Yorkshire and we get the master data tomorrow, so I apologise now for them being missing from here - but you can of course go onto the gallery and have a browse through the folders - which by the way is what you need to do if you didn't have a number showing. Or search by 000, but there are more than 2000 of those and that's the limit for the search engine.

So meanwhile in sunny Sussex we had the Capital to Coast bike ride - from the London Eye down to the Kings Lawns in Hove - going over Devils Dyke, and nearby near Reigate we had the Back to the Trenches second race of the year - "The Big Push". Check out these small selections to get a feeling of the action !
At the top of the course on Epsom Downs by the race course. It's all downhill from here.

The joy of riding

Heading out with the peloton south of Dorking

Enjoying the fine weather

moving fast past Hammer Pond

the glorious South Downs

See that hill behind you...

Taking in the view of Devils Dyke, half way up the climb

The Victory finish at Kings Lawns

Family Support for finishing the 75 mile ride - much longer than that BHF ride the week before.

The joy of finishing !
Well done to the new team at C2C and Norwood on putting together another great ride. We raised £250 last year for the charities from sales of the race photos - so make sure you get yours soon so we can give them plenty of money again from this years race !

The Back to the Trenches race#2 The Big Push was again organised by the great team headed up by Marcella. With three routes of 6k, 12k and 18k there was choice aplenty with a few cooling water dips that nobody seemed to complain about in the summer heat !
Star Jumps, over hot coals
Not two tired then

Joeys lookalike gave it a go

Extreme Mud. No wrestling allowed

Steel eyed Richard sets his sights on getting the hell out

Double thumbs up for the water crossing

The joy of exit. Good new mats too (note to other race directors there)

Hands up who's blowing bubbles, it's not a natural Jacuzzi

far too much style for Mr Bolt to even attempt

total control. Honest. All intended.

Major Slide takes the salute

Money raised and profits made from both these events goes to the event organisers Charities - Norwood and Prostate Cancer. We can only raise money, and indeed only cover these events - if you buy the images, every little purchase no matter how small counts towards the good causes we support. 
Last year alone we raised over £6000 in charitable fundraising and donations given, and we hope to be able to do it again in 2014, so please help, get your genuine unwatermarked copies today ! 
We regrettably have to drop events that don't help us to achieve these goals, so please help ensure coverage for next year. I really should add a list of events that haven't cut it so far this year...but that would be unfair on the race organisers and those competitors, but you catch my drift.

It's now past 2:30am, so despite my promises to myself to get some early nights I've failed !

Entries are still open for all of Next weekend on the 28th and 29th of June - 
and you should of course be getting your autumn half marathon entries in before the summer holidays if you don't want to miss out. Takes a bit of planning, but Ealing and Reigate are the ones for you to be sorting yourself out for right now !

until next time, enjoy the late summer evenings before the nights close in completely...even I managed to go for two runs last week now my toes better...


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