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Monday, 9 June 2014

Seaford Half Marathon and Mid Sussex Tri Galleries 2014 now live

Hello again !

I hope you managed to make the best of the sunny weather this weekend and didn't get caught in any flash floods on Saturday. It washed out the kids saturday morning track session - but not too badly and they still managed a lap of the track after bouncing off the walls of the squash courts at Withdean.
Many of you would have been up at 4am on Saturday for among other things - the South Downs Relay from Eastbourne to Winchester - which to me always seems like it must be uphill, rather than downhill towards the coast. I hear Rain, mud, dry, sun, wind, and hail entertained many of you on your relay run - so well done to you all on the massive effort. I've been asked several times why we don't cover it - well with 5 runners in a team, a support vehicle and others - we found at least one of you can handle a camera as you go along and you can mostly take perfectly good photos yourselves! No need for us to hire a Tardis to be at all parts of the course covering everyone on every leg everywhere throughout the day... and anyway our skills are mostly needed when you can't take a picture of yourself.

This weekend was one of the quieter ones for us (as it always tends to be in June) with The ever popular Seaford Half marathon (one of the most scenic half marathons you can do in Sussex) organised by NP&S Lions Club and the Mid Sussex Triathlon based out of the Burgess Hill Triangle centre and organised by Mid Sussex Tri Club.

Race and Logo Gallery
Seaford Half Marathon 2014
The Mid Sussex Tri 2014
Free Race Downloads

One of the nice things about the Mid Sussex Tri is because of the pool zig-zag swim we can get a shot of everyone in the swim as they phough up the first lane. It's unusual because this just isn't possible any other way for us in a pool based swim - but it also means that we can get the three shots - Swim, Bike and Run - which thanks to the free downloads should be adorning a friends facebook page near you soon !

As ever dehydration played a part on a hot days half marathon, but on the other hand it was the first time for any of us that taking photos on seaford head did not involve gloves, some kind of windproof or more commonly - winter coats. Check out the gallery for some lovely downhill smiling photos from there...

Next weekend
Next weekend is the REP Arun Swim (click to enter) - the fastest swim you'll ever have at Littlehampton, and then on Sunday the Events to Live Polsden Lacy 10k (click to enter) which is a bit hilly, if you like hilly things - but has some lovely views (if you can stop to take them in) and some lovely countryside.

Some Piccies

All go at the start - the final obstacle behind them

Richard gives the double thumbs up with Newhaven Harbour wall in the distance

All ready at the finish - the NP&S Lions team

This is the correct way to run downhill - all the way from the top. Screaming.

Relaxing with a well earned medal.

Meanwhile over at Burgess Hill...

Rocky Balboa swims

Power to the Cyclists!
Ta-da !
Remember, it's a time trial not a race...

Correct finishing

Congratulations on your engagement Dani !

Winners of the smiliest competitors prize Kas and Paloma
So that's about it for now, we have a few cameras to get serviced, emails to sort out and hopefully - plenty of orders to prepare for you. If you didn't look at them recently - don't forget the current list of galleries for you to look at and buy your photos from is here just scroll down:
Hopefully you can help us with the service costs on the cameras ?!

until next time, enjoy your running, and your training in the lovely summer sun, and look out for me - (now my toe is working since I had a cortisone injection) in my shiny SSP training Tshirt as I suffer prefusely in some attempt to get fit once more in my mid-40s

Cheers for now,

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