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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Leeds Castle Tri, F3 Marlow Tri and Harry Hawkes 10 2014 now live

Well it's almost as if the triathlon season has started properly now, with more triathlons than running races this weekend.

It was the chance for the new Leeds Castle Triathlon (that's in Kent) to show it's ability with Ocean Lake Tri Club and the Castle Events team putting on their inaugural events - which included aquathlons on the friday and then the main Triathlons on the weekend - swimming around the Moat, and cycling around the local area, and running around the local hills in the castle grounds.
An excellent race, very well organised, and probably a contender for best new triathlon of 2014. From our photography perspective - it was all perfectly designed so that the castle was in the background for almost all of the photos ! A beautiful location, and apart from the rain on saturday, perfect for triathlons with a great team in charge of the days.

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So this weeks race galleries are below - Leeds Castle (which is in Kent if you didn't know), F3 Events Marlow Sprint and Standard Tri, and the renewed Harry Hawkes 10 mile race near Thames Ditton in London.

Race Gallery link
Leeds Castle Sprint Tri (Saturday)
Leeds Castle Standard Tri (Sunday)

F3 Events Marlow Sprint and Standard Tri

Harry Hawkes 10mile Run

So - here's a few pictures from the weekend for you !

Over at the Leeds Castle Triathlon, which is in Kent BTW, it all got a bit picturesque on Saturday, despite the rain...

Not a bad backdrop. And yes - you swim around it and under it...

getting out of the water - route 1
don't get distracted on the way round on the bike course

made it back from the hills on the run

finishing with friends

 Meanwhile over in Marlow on Sunday morning with F3Events - perfect conditions, if you're looking through the gallery - spot your bike photos by browsing the last folders and use the caption correction link to email us the right rider number so we can include it in your collections !

Martyn gets the briefing going

All go on the Thames with the bridge in the background

The Swan decided they didn't want to do it after all

The washing machine hits the rinse cycle

the difference of a millisecond. One moment - hot and bothered

next moment - ice cool

a nice day for a ride - without the Bix roadworks on the dual carriageway

wrist breaking High Fives

a great reception at the finish

The red carpet was rolled out for all finishers !
Over in south london - the Harry Hawkes 10 mile race was re-igniting itself after a few years off:
Getting a selfie whilst West Ham are still in front

Peter gives a quick race briefing and run down of the rules

Clapham chasers and Vic Park Harriers take to the lead from the off

Evian's new brand ambassador - seems to work

good two arm plane technique, or worlds longest goal celebration

Happy Birthday Mike ! turns 50, but they give him race number 49. That's very English.

good run in to win the race for Clapham Chasers

The proud "made it back alive" salute to the crowds 
And then on Sunday at Leeds castle (in Kent BTW), the Standard Tri was even more fun if that was possible...

The Castle is over there. Go around it and under it and Mind that photographer IN THE WATER taking your picture.

and off for a swim around a castle. Like you do.

Fastest out for the lead

ahh, the views. Did we mention the views ?

Tight racing into the transition T2

Off for a quick run

Did anyone mention the views ?

Back so soon with a welcoming wave

and a Team finish takes in the finish funnel together 
So, a trio of great triathlon races over the weekend a rejuvenated and relaunched 10mile running race for the the galleries.

This weekend coming up
On Saturday it's the Hurt 10k or 20k - one of the best, hilliest and hardest x-trail runs that is available in Surrey - generally not muddy, some great views (although you have to earn them) - so get yourself entered into that asap

On Sunday it is the REP Worthing Tri (sold out), 7Oaks Aquathlon (Sold Out) and Bewl 15 - enter here: a lovely run around Bewl Water.

Good luck to Paul, one of our photographers who is getting Married on Saturday too. He declined shooting the Worthing tri on Sunday early morning even though it is on his doorstep. Really.

A very well done to all the event organisers over the weekend - it's great when there's no incidents, happy campers and it all works nice and smoothly. Fingers crossed for the weather next weekend too.

And in other news, we've just signed an exclusivity deal with a great company that will help us to continue in our mission to make even more people happy via race photos. More news on that once we have sorted out the press release !

Until next time,

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