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Monday, 15 September 2014

Alice Holt, ETL Bacchus, REP Firle Races and Falmer Tri 2014 all live

A busy weekend across the Saturday and Sunday with four races around the Surrey and Sussex Counties starting to really mark the Autumn Running season has really started to move along, and the weather was once again - perfect.

Race logo Race Name Gallery Link Gallery Notes

Alice Holt Races

Events to Live Bacchus Half and Full Marathon

REP Firle Half, 10k and 5k Free downloads and pic2go

Brighton MultiSports Falmer Triathlon Free Downloads

Upcoming Races 

Get your final entries in for Reigate, and Ealing. They are all excellent races and ones you really should be planning for, as well as Basingstoke 

21st Sept: Farnham Pilgrim Half and Full - off road trail
21st Sept: Run Reigate Half Marathon (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out

28th Sept: Ealing Half Marathon (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out
28th Sept: Tonbridge Half Marathon - some closed roads

5th Oct: Basingstoke Half (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out
12th Oct: Chichester Half - road and trail
19th Oct: Abingdon Marathon (flattest and fastest with PB potential)
25th Oct: Beachy Head Marathon (not flat, not fast, offroad) NB will sell out
8th Nov: Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon
9th Nov: Purple Patch Grand Union Half Marathon NB will sell out
16th Nov: Brighton 10k (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out

Pic2go Barcodes - 
Some of you will have noticed that we had these galleries online considerably quicker than usual - for example Alice Holt was live on Saturday (same day), Firle and Falmer Tri were live on Sunday (same day) and Bacchus went live at 2:45pm Monday - when it would have been the first event live on sunday evening, and then the other three being made live late monday and tuesday lunchtime.
The technology is expensive, but it does give us the time advantage of getting the pictures and galleries online to you faster than ever before - so I hope you are enjoying seeing galleries on the Monday as opposed to Tuesday and even Wednesday.
If you have any questions or can think of any innovative uses for the technology, (make race numbers smaller ?) then please get in touch, we have a facebook page and twitter feed for the technology - and  if you want to follow those too that would be great !

Future races with Pic2Go barcodes
We are still a little behind with getting in touch with future events to get them on there, so my apologies to all the race directors who are organising labels onto race numbers instead of getting them printed in the first place - but thank you ever so much for sorting it out. If you are a race director and reading this - and thinking - eh? he hasn't got in touch yet !, please do get in touch - your timelines might not be the same as ours and yours are more important - so please give me a ring.

A slight downside of the barcodes is we don't necessarily see all the completely strange and dodgy images for the blog that I might otherwise try to use (before I get moderated by the boss) - so you heard it here first - if you want to avoid being spotted in your moment of fame (some do), make sure your pic2go barcode ( "pictag" if you like) can be seen clearly, and we will probably wizz past you in the rush.
Basically this means most of my comedy material will come from anyone with a tri-belt (frankly if you use them you are deserving of this), because THEY DON'T WORK to hold your number so it is visible to the front, anyone in fancy dress (you were asking for it anyway), and people with particularly flappy hands (Magnus Pike, T-Rex) or anyone who can't use four pins, or event clips to secure their number properly.
Don't say I didn't give you a fair warning...

Some pictures from the weekend...
A few less than usual as I'm in a bit of a rush and not doing this at 1am in a sleepy haze...

Some from Alice Holt races - 10k, 5k, 3k, 1k...
All go at Alice Holt

I made it here about 10 seconds before they made it here...

Always good to see the Farnham Runners regulars

that concentratey look - flying back up *that* hill

The rage of running
The REP Firle Half
Lewes 10k race director making the most of the hills

Hello Claire !

Everyone was impressed with the cool Towels

Cathy put in a good turn

Run Happy, finish strong

Always listen to the commentator - for the word "food"

Proof that race belts DONT WORK

Make your own destiny

strange, it all looks very flat...
Brighton Multisports Falmer Triathlon
Full race briefing

Mitchell sneaks off. again.

The calm before the storm

tip touch end to end


strong into T1

He made T1, probably a bit early on the celebrations, but good work out of the swim

*THE VIEW* over Ditchling Beacon, despite the mist. Probably the most unique shot you've ever seen up the Beacon of a bike race. Almost.

Ditchling in the the background

Easy climbing

A nice wizz around the hills 

Correct expression of how you should feel

high 5, oh

big wave finish

at least someone looked in control

A good turnout by Brighton Tri Club
 Meanwhile at Bacchus...

Chaaaarge !!! The Romans made a head start

I told you, I love running

Victory for the ducks

Joan tries the new Steyning AC club kit

Will run fast for it too...

Good team work 

Heidi enjoyed the hills

A good way to work up an appetite for a nice Chianti

I literally have no idea what on earth is going on here

Rubics photobombed by the lederhosen. I never thought I'd type that.

"Stop citizen, your number is faulty" Batman helps again !!

"BUT I just want to see my two children". Mrs Vader takes no crap from the latest Fathers for Justice member.

You would be forgiven for thinking Horrible Histories were filming

You would not be forgiven if you actually thought Lynda Carter was awaiting you at the finish line. Well done Alan !
So that's it for the weekend, now go and get your entry in for The Run Reigate Half Marathon - it's going to be fantastic.

Until next time,

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