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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Maidenhead Half, Chestnut Tree House 10k, Reading and Newbury Triathlons 2014

As the summer manges to stretch on a bit, and the busy weekends continue with the first of the larger half marathons for the month with the Maidenhead Half organised by Purple Patch. 
The Chestnut Tree House 10k over at Littlehampton was well attended as ever, and then we had two triathlons a stones throw apart - but targeting different experience levels so again both well attended. 

Not a whole lot of crazy to talk about here. As some of you might have guessed - everything about the Nuts Challenge is Nuts, including the post race cataloguing, and then the post race enquiry emails during the very busy week... 
I have made a few notes and observations. 
  1. Yes, all the photos are online, if you can't recognise yourself in the 000 folders, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to either.
  2. No, even if you email me a photo of yourself without mud on your face, I'm still not going to be able to search through the 30% we couldn't see a number in and recognise you. Having seen some people washed in the lake and muddy during the race - the only common factor was their race number - otherwise a very different appearance.
  3. Caption corrections. Just send me a list for each race number. A list of images and then a paragraph description of the appearance of all the members of your team wearing the same coloured tops in mud and their distinguishing features - is impenetrable and unworkable.
  4. No I can't take the watermarking off so you can have a better look, I'm sorry it's over the top of your head but I'm afraid it's there to stop or deter people who think I can feed the staff and kids for free, and unfortunately there seems to be a lot of them (at least according to google analytics). If there is an image you want a close up on a face to check your eyes under the mud, then let me know.
  5. Yes, halving the price would make it more affordable, but we would go into making a loss and shut shop, so not quite the longterm plan we have in mind, and then it wouldn't be the service you want. Perhaps pick something you can afford.
  6. Yes, we are very busy, it's a Nuts thing and we are doing our very best to get through things as soon as possible.
  7. Thank you for all of you who have sent in corrections for themselves, and notably for their friends, and who have put them on facebook and shared their race photos - you all look fantastic !
  8. Yes we need a better hashtag for facebook than #SSP. Thoughts on a postcard all willingly accepted.

Upcoming Races 

Get your final entries in for Reigate, Ealing and this weekend at Firle. They are all excellent races and ones you really should be planning for.

14th Sept: Events to Live - Bacchus Half and Full - off road trail + wine NB has sold out
14th Sept: REP Firle, sussex, Half Marathon (free photos) - off road trail

21st Sept: Farnham Pilgrim Half and Full - off road trail
21st Sept: Run Reigate Half Marathon (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out

28th Sept: Ealing Half Marathon (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out
28th Sept: Tonbridge Half Marathon - some closed roads

5th Oct: Basingstoke Half (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out
12th Oct: Chichester Half - road and trail
19th Oct: Abingdon Marathon (flattest and fastest with PB potential)
25th Oct: Beachy Head Marathon (not flat, not fast, offroad) NB will sell out
8th Nov: Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon
9th Nov: Purple Patch Grand Union Half Marathon NB will sell out
16th Nov: Brighton 10k (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out

All go at Chestnut Tree House 2014 - the different layout worked well

Gavin and Paul sweep all before them

Money in the bank for Chestnut Tree House

good competition from local runners in the charity vests

Not in the usual Haywards Heath kit...

Yes, the buggy came first, 933 second, 663 third...There's a battery in there somewhere I'm sure.

Easy finishing !

Adam Pitts of Lawson (that's a pop band apparently) did a good turn.

Always a good effort from the volunteers to help it run smoothly

All ready to go at Maidenhead

Yep, off they go for 13.1 quick ones in perfect weather for it.

Correct finishing arms. 10/10

Extra leap and finishing arms 12/10

Slightly off geometrically 9/10

Good Ealing Eagle finish 10/10

Should have known Midge would do something crazy with Louise. 30/10

Marshall tagging - he's now it

It's my party and I'll run if I want to...

One way of clearing the marshals, nick their bibs on the way round

Maidenhead Race "CHiP"s (for those of you with a 1980's tv history)


more winners

So, pictures are all online, and we're looking forwards to Firle, Bacchus, Alice Holt and the Falmer Tri this weekend - so be good, hope for good weather and see you soon,

Until next time
Top team enjoying some downtime...

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