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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pilgrim Half and Full Marathons, and B2TT No Man's Land 2014 now online

It's a week of very brief blogs, because it's very busy here and the team are giving me the dagger eyes across the office...

So, after the perfect weather of last Sunday we managed to get Reigate online Monday, the Pilgrim races online Tuesday, and the Back to the Trenches No Mans Land online Wednesday.

That's a total of over 112,000 images online, all captioned so you can search for them nice and easily (unless your number was on your back, or ripped off, or covered in mud, or of course on a tri-belt - [because they don't work]) in which case you're going to have to go through the 000 (that's three zeros) search results and enjoy the challenge just like we do !!

Here's the gallery links !
Race logo Race Gallery link

Back 2 The Trenches - No Man's Land
The Pilgrim Half and Full Marathon
The Run Reigate Half Marathon

This weekend is the Tonbridge Half marathon, and also the third running of the Ealing Half Marathon.  but I think they are both sold out - go and have a quick check if you want !!

We are busy planning where we are going to see you on the day - please can someone remember to book the nice weather ?!

Pilgrim 2014
These are the people that make your race happen

We think there was some crazy background music playing somewhere

Can't beat a bit of cool purple leopard print

The BHR salute - full width horizontal

The BHR salute again... but no thumbs - must be optional

See, Fleet have a different style. Ok you don't see because he's carefully hidden himself. I didn't photoshop in the others. Honest.
and a bit of Race director corner...
Hello Heather !

Hello Hillary !

Hello Dave !

Yes, he just ran up and down that hill that he's pointing to

One for the insurance claim

Honestly, running along the coutryside. It doesn't get any better than this.

well, the marathon runners were all smiling when they left...

Back to the Trenches - No Mans Land
Tim and his nice shiny new shoes. Looks like he forgot to buy a top though. Now where could he try ?

Who has time for Kung Fu in an obstacle race? This man.

Air shot, All in syncro. Even Sy managed it. Smiling ? Are you sure Sy ?

Who ate the curry ?

Meanwhile Wilma Flinstone seemed to be enjoying it.

Surprisingly the water was only about 18inches deep.

You were allowed to wallow about in it if you wanted to

Just mind your friends joining in unexpectedly

Up and over at the start. Clearly too much bouncy energy here.

Very well done everyone - it was a glorious weekends racing !
The team are flat out here in the office getting through requests, questions, caption corrections and orders - it's been very busy and we are working at it really quickly, so please bear with us if it's a bit more than 24hrs for some of you. Your Order confirmation email should have the full details in there for you. And as Monty Python didn't say - always check your SPAM first. It's lovely. Just in case.

Until next time

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