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Friday, 5 September 2014

Summer Nuts Challenge 2014 and LCD Tri-Together Triathlon 2014

When they call a race "the Nuts Challenge" they do that for a good reason. Everything around this event is completely nuts, from the course itself, the consistency of the mud, the size of the logistics, the number of people, the sheer race itself doing 4 laps.

Here in the office it's been Nuts too - four days of a very full office with the whole team cataloguing through over 120,000 images of people covered in mud - one by one - looking at each one squinting to see the half view of a torn tattoo on the underside of a wrist that is obscured by the half shade across it and a thin layer of white clay dried mud. That is why the indexing and tagging of this particular race takes so long - plus we took so many and you got covered in mud and/or the numbers couldn't be seen.

You may be surprised to know we did manage to catalogue about two thirds of the images - so to everyone having to search through the unidentified images saying that there are "lots of them" - yes we know, we have been through them already ! Join the fun and get stuck in and help with the corrections / additions.

Also on Sunday was the LCD Tri-Together triathlon at Crystal Palace sports centre - always a great event - most made up of first timers getting into the sport and many with extra mobility challenges that they are overcoming to have a great time taking part in sport !

So here are the gallery links:

Race name Gallery link
LCD Tri Together Triathlon 

The Nuts Challenge - SATURDAY

The Nuts Challenge - SUNDAY

This weekend coming up is very busy on Sunday with the following races I think there is a small amount of entries on the day for the running races:

  1. The Purple Patch Maidenhead Half Marathon
  2. Chestnut Tree House Littlehampton 10k 
  3. Reading Triathlon
  4. Newbury Triathlon
We now have over 100 emails listing images to add race number tags to for the Nuts challenge - (thanks everyone for their help with those ones) and orders to sort out as a priority over the next 48 hours - the tagging challenge for this event is as hard as it gets so thank you for everyone for your patience and also to the team here in the office.

If you're wondering - the barcode stickers really did make a difference - often a lone barcode would be the only thing that would identify someone - usually in an impossible to index image sequence otherwise - so many thanks to the Nuts challenge for accommodating them into their number packs.

Right - here's a few silly photos from the weekend, and I look forwards to seeing you out on Sunday,

Enjoying the journey. Well the Trip at least.

"I've a bit of mud on my leg"

slip sliding along

Good teamwork

Staying alive has never been more apt

He did two laps. I think.

Quick wash. sort of.

Big respect to Mr Bear

Batman might not return

It's not good crying about it

Zen obstacle racing. Float around the course

Now, where do I start with you Mr Tissue ?

As if the course wasn't scary enough

The view on the course can be obstructed

Method #2 for fast obstacle traversing

You can do these things as a team

Superman did these things alone 

That's not a head injury, thankfully

Dave has his Eureka moment for the Reigate Half Marathon water station (enter at

He didn't jump of the Nutcracker Tower for this...

He wasn't going to get my Lens cloth

Stylish slipping

Hulk Muddy. Hulk sad

It's ok, you're alive

10 points if you can read a number in this one

Marshal jellybaby refuelling stop

Should have called the AA

The face of excitement

That all over mud cleanse look

No, i'm not going to give you a hand you have to do it yourself

She'll give him a hand though

The hardest easter egg hunt ever

OK, his tattoo worked - but get this - the barcode reading worked too

Top wash at the end

Wingardia Leviosaa - isn't going to help you Harry

IF ONLY everyone put their number on like this

Top dutch running

Wayne, master OCR course maker, and his boss/driver

Well done everyone involved, especially the marshals - many of whom did the race on the other day to their marshalling day. Always good to volunteer and get involved too if you can.

Until next time,

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