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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Basingstoke and River Thames Half Marathon, and Reading O2O 10k, and Dusk 'till Dawn 2014 now live

Possibly the last of the sunny weekends ( but I've been saying that for the last month), with a slightly colder chill in the air than previously made it perfect conditions (apparently that's between 14C and 18C) for fast times at all the races on Sunday...

Good news !
Apart from it now being dark at Sunday awake o'clock, there was a nice surprise to discover that the Major A23 road widening at Handcross that has been going on for over three years (it started in October 2011!!!) - is now completed northbound, and that at 6am they had opened it back up.
It is difficult to describe just how nice this made that bit of the journey for my usual Sunday race trip, although the 40mph speedlimit had worked really very well for the past 2 years, I'm betting the Monday commuters had a fantastic surprise this morning.
Full details here since it started in 2005 at the initial tender, it has been a long road in more ways than one...

It was a busy weekend for us, with 5 races on the Sunday, with the autumn race season reaching it's crescendo next weekend with 6 races for us (and having turned down three others on that day, well if the race directors will phone up during the busy season with two weeks to go...), it's the peak season - so get your entries in early....

Right, most of the weekends galleries are now online - we have Clarendon and the Warrior to work through now which is heads down in the office tomorrow for everyone... wish us luck !

Race logo Race Gallery link

Basingstoke Half Marathon 2014

River Thames Half Marathon

Purple Patch Reading O2O 10k

Dusk 'till Dawn 2014

Coming Soon -
The Clarendon Marathon and Half Marathon

Coming soon -
The Warrior Run
In other news - if you enjoy this blog, then give us a vote in the Running Awards nominations here:  Online - Blog - SussexSportPhotography. Got to be in it to win it ! Thanks for your vote, I'll make sure we only put up really good photos of you from now on, that's a promise.

Talking of which, here's a small handful from Sunday at Basingstoke:
Don't mess with the pace

Has anyone seen Peter Parker ?

Moments later he inadvertently revealed his true identity to a journalist. Oh the irony Peter Parker.

A top win for Jonah  - 7 minutes ahead of second place in 1:06:15

Sarah Hill put in a great race in her non-farnham kit

I'm sure there's laws against artificial lungs allowed ?

How to guarantee your photo in the blog. Flattery works 100%

The Pacer Train...

Stereo thoughts

Fresh from Farnham Pilgrim - Aneta shows her other matching leopard print top. Love a bit of colour co-ordination !

It's a nice little dipper

NO SURRENDER !!! oh, ok just the once.

Well done at Reading Ben, hope your hands have warmed up since ;-)

Right that's it for today, I need some sleep, and get back to the cataloguing with the team tomorrow !
Hope the rain isn't too bad where you are,

until next time


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