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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ealing Half and Tonbridge Half Marathon 2014 now live

The race galleries for the Ealing Half Marathon and the Tonbridge Half marathon are now live and on line on the Official Race photo galleries at Sussex Sport - direct links below

The start of the 2014 Ealing Half Marathon

Race logo Race Gallery Link

Ealing Half Marathon 2014

Tonbridge Half Marathon 2014

There are some great race reports on the websites - Run247 has the Ealing report and the main Tonbridge Half Marathon website has theirs. I'm not going to even try to compete with those ones, so I'll stick to the photo diary format you've become familiar with...

Very big congratulations to Kelvin and Sandra at Ealing and to Andy and the Rotary at Tonbridge for putting on two very large community events. Both of these races are huge undertakings taking on board the co-ordination and organisation of hundreds of staff and volunteers, the traffic management, the whole event village area - it's all massive and very hard to do.
Tell them how much you enjoyed their race by giving them the feedback directly here:
Ealing Feedback (or their Facebook page here)
Tonbridge Feedback (or their Facebook page here)

As ever - a few race entries you need to think about :
Up coming Half and Marathon races for October and November

5th Oct: Basingstoke Half (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out
5th Oct: River Thames Half Marathon (Flat and Fast)
12th Oct: Chichester Half - road and trail, and Hills
19th Oct: Abingdon Marathon (flattest and fastest with PB potential) NB Will sell out
25th Oct: Beachy Head Marathon (not flat, not fast, offroad) NB will sell out

8th Nov: Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon
9th Nov: Purple Patch Grand Union Half Marathon NB will sell out
16th Nov: Brighton 10k (Major Area race, closed roads) NB will sell out

Here's a few pictures from Sunday, possibly the last sunny one of September for about a year...

A message from Kelvin for you #YMF

Ealing Dan handily points out the bollard we were standing behind

Kelvin and Sandra grab a moment for me before the winner turns up

Getting the water ready - it was almost all drunk

Lovely bit of support for Ben, He was grinning broadly in the next shot, but you can't see the happy supporter in that one. He had a bit of a lead even here.

Rebecca put in a good sub 1:30 time. The floating shoes helped.

Sam senses victory as she headed for a 2:04

James was enjoying it a bit more than Emma at this point....

It's the little details that count - great caption on the hat !

Naughty Nick - we'll spot you cheeky

Paul Cuddeford did the Rhino beat you ? 2:38 !!

Sam, now is not the time to check your emails.

Don't drop those precious Jelly Babies !

Grace got a bit caught out by Haszena, but then, she has headphones in. (cue start my usual rant against headphones...)

Rachelle starts to suffer from low sugar levels

Thomas the Giraffe put in a sterling 2:16 - the Rhino didn't get him

Lewis and Anthony fight it out at the sharp end finish in 1:40:18

Adam and Liam complete it in style carrying their packs in 2:48

It can get a bit busy at the finish sometimes - makes for a great atmosphere

Tom runs in the mandatory Ealing Eagles flying finish

BBC Tech correspondent Rory runs in with his gadgets for a 2:06

I'd like to know what the main course was later.

It was a thumbs up kind of a day at Tonbridge
Things were going well at Tonbridge

It's this big a deal running a half marathon

No surrender. Only 3 miles in, 10 more to go.

Call Batman.

Cheeky smiles and miles

So far so good !
So another excellent weekend of races, we have five to go this Sunday on the 5th of October, Reading, Basingstoke, Clarendon, River Thames, and the Warrior Run. So times to get our admin heads on and get ready and planned for it all!!

Until next time

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