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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Serpentine NYD 10k 2015

Hello and welcome to 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Ok that's a bit late, and you're probably now given up on your second diet and exercise regime of the year. If not, you're simply not trying hard enough, now get back out there and re-write that training schedule....

Serpentine NYD 10k
Well on Thursday, next to the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park it was a suitably gentle start to the New Year 2015, a slightly grey dark sky with a little wind. Unseasonally warm it was about 12 degrees C - so thankfully no ice unlike the days before, and so all the planning, queues and organisation was nicely supported without any problems of keeping warm, getting blown away or having to keep dry somehow.
 It's never easy managing a run in a large park like Hyde Park where members of the public can wander about and at some points you have a choice of over 7 directions you can run in - it needs a lot of marshals to make sure everyone gets round in the right place !

Gallery improvements
We have made a few improvements to it - some nice big left and right browse buttons (for all you ipad and phone readers), enabling you to add Facebook likes and comments, right there in the gallery, and it also pulls a nice little thumbnail into your facebook timeline to show people a preview thumbnail image. This should make it significantly easier for everyone (who uses facebook) to share on their favourite photos quickly - but be warned - images will be archived from the gallery - so when they are - they will not be there - so it's definitely not the same as buying the image and putting it on your facebook gallery !
So - please enjoy the new sharing and commenting capabilities of the gallery !

Race Race Gallery
Serpentine NYD 10k 2015

Did you miss ?
All go at the start with the Winter Wonderland being left for dust

Emma Pallant - international runner and triathlete zooming along

Show your number with pride

Concentratey face

That look of relief

Ealing Eagles on the wing

More Ealing Eagles ?

yes, even more Ealing Eagles  !

Hyde Park is hilly. You get that when there's a lake and a valley.

And, yes, its Heathers 56th appearance in the blog. And why not ? Happy New Year.

So it's off to the Sussex Cross Country Champs - it's the weekend for it all around the country - county champs - in the rain. It's Bexhill for us and a long day in the heavy rain, and dark skies, in the mud.
Should be fun !

So until next time, probably Monday - and fingers crossed for you all getting the kids back to school too if you are...

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