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Monday, 16 February 2015

Brutal Bagshot 2015 - the Valentine Experience

Overnight rain to top-up the puddles and soften the ground underfoot was all that was needed in preparation for a quick 2 laps around the Bagshot course on Saturday. Weather or not love was in the air, at a frosty 5degC, for the Valentine 10k of the year remained to be seen... but everything had been done to make prospective couples bond over the knee deep mud and the plentiful hills and puddles to see what each other were made of. Did they have the sort of stamina they were looking for in a partner ?... A bit of Rough Brutalisation is one way to find out...

Thanks to Dave, Colin and Allan (and Tom the Diner) for yet another great event - even the rain kept off until we had all packed up !

Race  Gallery link
Brutal Bagshot

Next weekend is the National XC championships at Parliament hill, and then the Hampton Court Half Marathon on the Sunday. Sometimes I'd rather be running these races than taking the photos with all the work it takes next day to get them onto the gallery !

loved up with tounges

not sure who is enjoying this more ?

Ollie gets a bit red faced

teamwork through the water

Happy Birthday Lou

If you don't pin your number on correctly, you can be disqualified or carry a tree branch around with you.

All ready for action at the start

Run away !!

Top final puddle splashing

ooh the indignity....

H's finished

Driving home for the 4th place

eye poppingly wet

Ollie takes the wet route 

the babestation backdrop seemed to work

pick one side or the other


Chris gets through the puddles with ease

oh, woops.

Firemans lift anyone

running with friends

Happy Valentine's Day !
That's it for the weekend, make sure you check your friends photos and yours out - and make sure you get yours to keep before they are gone ! 

Until Next time

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