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Monday, 16 March 2015

Brutal Windmill 2015 and River Thames Spring Half Marathon Galleries

A weekend of weather where we got away with it - a dry Brutal10 despite a bit of rain overnight on the friday night - but so dry the first 1k water wade was gone, and on Sunday a cold very wet journey up to Weybridge in heavy rain only to find it dry and firm underfoot with no puddles along the towpath, albeit cold and a bit on the grey side - actually quite a nice even light after all.

The start at the River Thames Half Marathon
A new Brutal team under adult supervision

Race Gallery Link

Brutal Windmill Hill

River Thames Spring Half Marathon

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Tough for Thomas prepares at the start

Doggy - mid paddle

Truly Brutal Head injury thingy

Come on in the waters lovely

"This is not lovely"

Spot the broken ankle

Man finds weeds !!

some gentle hills to warm up

Flying down the hills

Running Tough for Thomas

through the nice woods - it's all really flat

Don't cross the canines, they like a hare to chase

Yellow card Ref !!!!

Meanwhile on Sunday at Weybridge

Getting ready to Ride !

All good along the river bank at about 2miles

Unfortunate timing on changing base layers !

Jazz hands in a successful blog bid...

must be headphone envy. definetly

nice paths along the riverside

Try to take the right route to the finish...

Top Team photo at the finish

It was a bit cold facing into the wind for 3 hours

It was cold facing away from the wind for 3 hours too

Next weekend... "very busy!!" - the busiest weekend of the year

Race Gallery Link

F3 Hot Chocolate Half Marathon
Sponsored by Liverpool Victoria

Brentwood Half Marathon

Richmond 13.1 Half Marathon

Fleet Half Marathon

Hastings Half Marathon

Back 2 the Trenches

Upcoming Featured Race
Event Gallery Link

Warrior Run

Until Next time, keep emailing in the Nuts challenge 000 corrections, and look forwards to seeing you all out next weekend !


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