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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Nuts, Surrey Half and Roding Valley Half 2015 Galleries now live

The weather gods shone last weekend, just enough to dry off the rain from Friday night, and warm things up a bit for the weekends racing.
First off was the Nuts Challenge that goes on over both days of the weekend, and the Surrey Half marathon from Woking on Sunday, along with the Roding Valley Half Marathon - a stalwart of the Essex Half Marathon calendar.
It was so dry and warm the Nuts course didn't cut up half as much as we had expected - but it was well prepared for the Sundays four lap challengers....

The start queue at The Nuts Challenge on Saturday
Sunday at the Surrey Half was also perfect temperature for a Half Marathon as the winning times attested to (1:02:42 !!!) If the skies had stayed bright and sunny then we were in for some overheating risks, but fortunately it clouded over and  the temperature remained at a sensible 12-14 degC.

Everyone setting off at the start of the Surrey Half
Here's the specific gallery links - make sure you get the right day for your Nuts Galleries

Race Gallery Link

The Nuts Challenge - SATURDAY

The Nuts Challenge - SUNDAY

Surrey Half Marathon

Roding Valley Half Marathon

Social Media - GET INVOLVED - here are the links for the events if you fancy sharing your thoughts:

The Nuts Challenge -
Surrey Half -
Roding Valley -

The Nuts Challenge - @nutschallenge
Surrey Half - @surreyhalf
Roding Valley - @WoodfordGreenAC

So - there are a lot of photos here for the blog, my usual wit and wisdom may not prevail for you, the images will have to stand on their own merits...
The two outstanding performances from the weekend were the 1:02:41 by Sammy Nyokaye at the Surrey Half, and Louise Steel completing 4 laps of the winter nuts challenge course - just because of the sheer determination !

Here in the office we turned around a record number of images and got through cataloguing over 100,000 images in 24hours - getting the gallery online for the Surrey Half so fast - it imploded a bit with the weight of interest. That's the first time in 13 years that's happened to the server, so it's been having a bit of a beef up - it costs over £9000 per year to host and provide the services it does for the gallery - so we need to make sure it's delivering the images up properly and can cope with the demand of 300 people all searching through 100,000 new images simultaneously before the rubbish football kicked off on Monday night.

Harrison and his Dad - the main charity for the Surrey Half

The welcoming view of the children's race

She won, this is the most she smiled ever - even after she won.

Everyone enjoys a start in the sun !

Everyone sets off safely

Back in 1:2:41 .. so soon !

Olympian Roger Black presented the Prizes

Third place for a change, and a cheeky smile having done the intercounties the day before.

Nobody left on the course

Martin raised plenty in his Pink Panther outfit

Just some of  the volunteers who helped with medals and post race goodies

Job done, safely

Final high-fives

High Fives all round

that 70's style warmers marathon  de sables look

Fundraising - I assume for the worth BHF

yes - photographer in middle of road - yes - just behind a large bollard

She power walked the course - and still beat loads of people

Correct finishing technique

Meanwhile over on the nuts challenge there was a lot of statuesque and artistic work going on:
The Thinker

Michaelangelo's David (with adjustments)

The Mermaid of Denmark

The Buddah of suburbia meets the Nuts Challenge

The Cistine Chapels the creation of Adam has nothing on this

Nice to be welcomed no matter how muddy

quick team photo

Try not to tread on the legs of the person infront

Brotherly love?

Sisterly love ?


Really not going to do the job if you're worried about wet feet

This is what happens to the wrong shoes

Having a blast.

Look - no number

Mind your head !

This is getting silly now Midge

Water wasn't warm enough apparently

Failed to wash behind the ears

why ?

It's not that deep Lou

Tastes great !

kung fu panda has it all ready

everything is just fine

Ever had that coffin feeling ?

MIneral face wash

Beautifying treatments included in the price

Spot the 4 lap nutters !

Next weekend... event websites are linked on the gallery pages
Event Gallery Link

Brutal Windmill Hill

River Thames Spring Half Marathon

Upcoming Feature Races
Event Gallery Link

Bournemouth Bay Runs

7Oaks Aquathlon

Well done everyone on the weekends races !

so - until next time, and see you out there soon for those spring half marathons...


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T - @UKSportPhoto

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