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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Now live - Clandon Park, Warrior Run, and 7Oaks Tri 2015 Galleries

Perfect weather for running about and keeping fit in the sun, but not too hot. And ok a bit chilly in the wind if you were marshalling or taking photos, but nevertheless - nobody really had any bad weather excuses for not turning up for their races... a real mix this weekend - a trail 10k, the First Triathlon of the season and an Obstacle Race...

Here's just some of the top team at 7Oaks Tri who got up ridiculously early (4am) and stood about in the cold, marked out the course, swept the car park and generally organised and cheered people on for their Sprint Tri.
The next weekend ahead is a big one for us, with a full on use of Pic2Go at the Running Awards to get the evenings photos out and about as fast as possible on Friday, then it's an early start on Saturday for the Brutal Run at Bordon - also known as "the Muddy one" (with hilarious consequences...) and then finally, whilst everyone else is watching London on Sunday - the right place to look will be at the Southampton Half Marathon and 10k, as well as the REP Bluebell Trail Runs - for some stunning trail running and also some of that Pic2Go magic direct to facebook before the gallery is even ready...

So I'll keep this as brief as possible...

Here's the Gallery links:
Race Gallery Link

AAT Clandon Park Run @allabouttri
Warrior Run @WarriorRunUK
7Oaks Triathlon @7oaksTriathlon

Please note on the Warrior Run Gallery - we have done our best to use tshirt names, charity, or club vests etc to help you find yourself easily if (when) your number came off, as well as the normal 000, and we have also grouped the folders by obstacles and by time slots to help with the browsing.
Clearly you like a challenge - so we look forwards to seeing your successes on this one !
For Collections - please note that all collections are sorted out by race number - so we will need your race number and caption corrections for the relevant images if you want it to be included with your collection correctly. And as ever - you need to be the subject of the image too, not the chap out of focus in the background miles away - as those pictures are actually of someone else (i.e. the subject of the shot) and those won't go into your collection - they will go into theirs...simples and indeed fair.

Clandon Park Run 2015
Excellent fundraising by the George Abbot School PTA - and an excellent mornings racing.
All go at the start of the Clandon Park Run 4k Race

Good lead leg hurdle technique on the woods section for the winner of the 10k

255 shows Excellent trail leg hurdle timing on the right, although left arm could do with tidying up a bit...

Only been 22 years since I last saw Gavin, I wonder what he's up to ? (apart from running past my lens!)

Walk like an Egyptian, and double thumbs up too

Arty landscape photo, unless you're missing your footing just behind the front person

Fetch Batman, Clandon Park Run needs you

Good to see Ruth not holding back for a strong finish !

Never get distracted in the final meters - it will cost you a place...
7Oaks triathlon 2015
So what is it about this race that makes it sell out so quickly when it goes online ? Apart from the marshalling, venue, course (challenging), organisation, location, first of the season tester, amazing free download photos, laptop prize draw for everyone at the end, great MC commentary throughout the race, live chip timing, I really don't know. Probably not the chilly weather on the top of a hill though... have a look at these photos and you decide...

It is because of the wonderful Knowle Park ?

Yes, is it because of THAT hill on the bike course ?

Is it because you can do it even if you are over 70 ?

because of the scenic bike course ?

The scenic run course ?

The friendly support and crowds ?

perhaps for the intense competition

perhaps the sense of rivalry ?

or for the feeling of achievement afterwards

for  the joy of completion ?

perhaps because of the satisfaction of winning

Or because the race referee didn't laugh at you quite as much as anyone else ?
nope, it's probably because all the race photos are free.... It does explain why the REP Bluebell Trail runs are sold out can't just be coincidence. Surely not.

And that leaves us with the Warrior Run. New obstacles, water dips, and things to climb about on and toys to play with. 1,2, or 3 laps of the 7k course - it's all great fun... the question really was - how many film Heroes could you spot ?


Bruce Banner, not angry yet

Gavin, however that's Catwoman (in the background)

Hanging tough on the tyres

Just a normal day in Sussex


Never show your surprised to get through an obstacle

Exactly. What was Harry Potter doing in the background ?

More Superman

Two Face (off Batman)

Titanic - reconstructed

Just Dave



Draco Malfoy without his wand 

He still finished the course

not quite spiderman

Bruce Banner - getting angry

Huggy Bear

Wall climbing Roulette...

So that's another well done to the Warrior Team, and Lloyd now earning his reputation as the event director who hugs everyone - just to help them up his last obstacle... Well done to everyone who made it round, especially Gavin on completing the three laps the fastest !

Right, that's about it for this week, I look forwards to seeing you all at the Running Awards on Friday night to see who's won what, and then the Brutal and Southampton after that !

Until next time

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