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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

REP Steyning Tri, 3 Forts Challenge, YMCA Races and Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon 2015 - all live

Running along the River at Richmond
Some 50,000 new images across four events fully catalogued and ready for you from the bank holiday weekend...which I hope you managed to enjoy ! I finally got to finish work and sit down to watch the snooker final on Sunday and promptly fell asleep at 8:30pm. Not ideal, but at least I did manage to wash the car after the galleries went live and the rain came down. Rock and indeed Roll.

I hope you didn't get caught out in the rain and cloud on Sunday morning like we did, the Steyning Tri was a much harder challenge than usual in the dark and cold conditions, although not as bad as it has been in years gone past (anyone remember the snow?). It was cloud cover up on the downs for the 3 Forts Challenge, which is basically mizzle, and Richmond experienced steady rain through the day. In fact the only place to be to keep dry and see some sun on Sunday was that YMCA races held in Reigate !
Conditions like this usually make for better memories, because of that extra effort required in the morning - Shakespeare would have put the question verily thus:

"To be or not to be, (a runner / triathlete)
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, (i.e. lie in and eat that full English for breakfast),
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, (your fitness and race times)
And by opposing, end them? (smash that PB, and set a new goal !)."

Most of us would put it this way: "It's warm and cosy in bed, so not today thanks".
So for all of you who managed to drag yourselves up and get to the events, as ever we salute you with our work:

Race Logo Gallery Link

REP Steyning Tri

3 Forts Challenge

Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon

YMCA Fun Runs

You might have noticed these days where we can we have put the facebook feed for each event onto our gallery pages - this should help you to navigate to the right facebook page to give a race some feedback or glowing references on how fab you found it. There's a nice post from the winner of the Half Marathon at the 3 Forts on there.

Now, lets see if we can give you a feel for the racing on Sunday:
Descent from the clouds - first down from Cissbury at the 3 Forts Challenge

loads of "save me" arm flailing, mostly ignored by the passing helicopters

Just a small hill. A mere bump on the course...

Remember, you're always being watched.

Back up in the clouds at Cissbury and the views were far reaching up to the clouds again

Fly in at the finish for your best look

It's the start of the tri season, so I'll get this in now - PUT YOUR HELMET NUMBER ON THE FRONT

Dark, very dark

Good to See Rob getting out on the bike in his first Tri

The Steyning village run route makes for a scenic warm down after the bike ride

All in at the finish for a good time

Yep, don't mess with the Maynard

New shaped prizes for the mantelpiece from the Sponsors - and handy for drinks !
Meanwhile in Reigate they had Sunshine. Yes, I know, It's not fair.

A full 5 mile race entry

Ian had a good run representing the YMCA

Some good fancy dress three legged races

6 Legged racing, but with four arms (if the same logic applies for arm joining)

Proper difficult 3 legged races

Once you've won your medal, do keep out of the way of the others who are still trying to race... (see the gallery for the full sequence)

Tight racing at the front of the pack

Meanwhile in Richmond, it was the Ranelagh half marathon
A picture pose so charismatic, it was head turning

Start off with very long legs

Give the camera a double thumbs up

Imitation is the best form of flattery

DQ - no  number 
The temptation to turn this into a Freddie Mercury tribute shot was high, but denied.

Apparently the run didn't wear her legs down and make them shorter

His best Moose impression made the West4Harrier laugh in the background

Top smiling at the finish makes it all worthwhile

ta-da ! Finishio

Top finish line work by 23, see the whole sequence in the gallery (and the kid in the background falling over...)

Celebrations don't come better than this for 420 - check the whole sequence in the gallery
Races for you to enter next :

Seriously - you should consider getting out to the Godalming 10k on the 17th of May, having a ride at the Kellys Store Farnham Bike Ride (with fast Pic2Go photos straight to your facebook account) next Sunday the 10th May, or taking part in the Oxford Town and Gown 10k which is a wonderful sight seeing run if nothing else !

Right, until next time, keep running and try not to get blown over !

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