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Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Nuts Challenge - Summer 2015 - now live

Finally. after what was the longest indexing session *ever*, I'm pleased to announce that the Nuts Challenge for Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th of September 2015 are now live on the gallery.

Sat-05/09/2015The Nuts Challenge Sat
Sun-06/09/2015The Nuts Challenge Sun

For those of you of a certain generation - you should play this music whilst browsing: 

Basic Searching
Just use your race number to search for images in the search box, and voilĂ  - your gallery of images is there... but will that be all your images ? Did your numbers come off on the way round ? I bet they did ! so...

Advanced searching
OK, so with the large amount of images - and the large amount of mud, there is more than the usual number of  competitors we can't identify - so they are 000. However, there's more than 2000 of those, so - well - the normal search won't work...

So, scroll down the Gallery page (from the links above) and then scroll down to look for the different "000" folders (they are at the top of the list). They are separated by Photographer location on the course, and also by time.

Additionally - every single image has the time-of-day that it was taken shown on the same page as the enlarged image (just below it) - so if you have a GPS track and know the time of day you went past the different obstacles - then you can use that to go through 

Quite a lot of work
It's taken roughly 4 days, 8:30 to 1am with a team here in the office to get through the 120,000 images we took, not to mention the 7 photographers on Saturday and the 5 on the Sunday. We know that without indexing and cataloguing them for you - you would never find your pictures, that's the professional quality of service we like to provide !
We have managed to index over 85% of the images - a combination of the barcodes, big numbers, the tattoos and pen numbering plus the results. If anyone ever wants to know just how difficult it is, you are welcome to come and offer your services after the next one in March...

Why do we do it ? - because the search facility on our gallery is the most valuable time saving gadget in the universe - thousands of you have been saved many many weeks of hunting through your images - just imagine if all of you spent four days solid searching for your pictures ? - the national GDP would take a massive dive ! If you don't agree, then we can always make the search box subscription only...

Remember - for your best value collections - we need to have your entire set of images all indexed and searchable when you order - so if you find any 000 unindexed images of yourself - send us a list of image reference numbers so that we can correct them first - and we already have 171 of those sent in - so please bear with us. (yes a list - not 17 separate emails with one correction ok).
An emailed list of corrections for a particular race number is a lot faster for us to correct, and so faster for us to get your order sorted out.

Email noise
Inevitably, there will be a lot of emails asking "where's my order?" if we stop to answer all those we don't get on with the orders, so only if your online account  status says "order complete" and you have not received anything - then please send a chase-up email - the odds are you have a hotmail account and well, you get what you get for that "free" service.

A bit of Patience is greatly appreciated
When we have 7 big events on a weekend, it inevitably gets a bit busy here in the office - rest assured we are all working as hard as we possibly can to get things sorted out asap ! And yes High-res collections with a lot of extra caption corrections take an absolute age to pull together correctly, post-process and sort out for you...

It's so nice to be clean !

Last time you'll see such vivid colours

someone wasn't so sure about the mud

Youf wishing each other good luck

3738 was in on the surprise for 5254

"repeat after me - I love OCR"

be careful who you get to write your race number on your head.

ponders...more arm training tomorrow, or tonight ?

He adopted the brace position on the bales for what was to be an experience of a lifetime

Pete was ready to clean his top

Ultimate Hell Weekend

Suddenly a fresh clean tyre just popped out

Always nice to see people pleased to see the photographers

The Mud will be conquered

Been married a long time ?

Been married a little time ?

Not engaged yet ?

Well it read ok in the mirror


He's a keeper.

At least someone was taking it seriously

Horrified at being caught topping up the levels

et voila

careful, might be a bit muddy

Chain reaction

Hello ladies

The Waterproof Mascara didn't run

Those scary Dr Who Angels materialised in the wrong place this time 

Always scratch an itch if you need to

NO, Don't do that it's filthy and disgusting and you'll make it unhygienic

Don't do what ?!

one lap done

Two Laps done

Two laps getting more fun

By Lap three it had all become a lot more fun

The comedy hand of surprise always catches them out

cheeky girls

Just getting to the obstacles became hard work for some

looking good

not quite sure what's going on here

Not now.

Support team get the back shot

Then, suddenly, the aloo-ghobi from last night struck back.

Really ? Quite.

Always rinse through 

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane ? Staring became the new thing.

Just stare like this and take a moment.

SPIDER ! Let me squish it for you...

Hang on let me check that for you

Well that's one way to get your leg over

Yes, good luck to the French Rugby World Cup Team.

The Egyptian Emu wins again


Free Willy is his favourite film. That's the one with the Orca by the way.

A quick Lake clean to reveal the logo. The TShirt reads "Who Cares?".

Can I go home now ?

Won't be taking up campanology any time soon.

one lap left apparently

Advanced planking skills

There's a time and a place to help. Here's one of them.

Welcome to Deer hunter territory

See camera. Cut a shape. 

Keys. Keys?. KEYS? oh F F F F For goodness sake !!!!

It's about this tall at home

Race directors rapidly phoned the insurance company for permission to shoot on sight.

Always touch the lucky Gnome as you go round

Turn that off PLEASE !!!

You know it's bad when you administer a quick self consciousness test: "How many fingers am I holding up ?"

she did wha... ?

Cramp or braxton hicks ?

I think it's beer, but the lack of loos on the way round...

Averting that possible wardrobe malfunction at the finish before you turn around...

It's a jump. Lets all just shout about it.

Lucky Gnomes were found in the lake too

All shapes and sizes of luck Gnomes were available

That Timotei moment

See camera, cut a shape. Everyone happy.

Wayne takes the thanks at the chequered line.
Well done to you all at the weekend, and also very well done to the team here in the office on getting through all the images, it's been one of the most intense weeks here we have ever had. It's certainly been a Nuts Challenge for us too.

Hopefully we will see you out tomorrow at something fun !

Until next time

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