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Monday, 9 November 2015

Poppy Half Bexhill, Grand Union Canal Half Marathon 2015 photo galleries now live

That slightly uncertain look of going into the great unknown i.e. storm force winds at the Bexhill Poppy Half

Well that was a wet Saturday wasn't it ? If you ever wanted to know what it felt like running headlong into a torrent of rain being blown off the English Channel, then Bexhill was the place to be. If you were in the 5k or 10k you would have missed the fun reserved for the Junior Fun Run and the Half Marathon the discovery that half the race would be run with your back to the storm force wind, was at least some light relief from discovering that the other half would be a full jet powered body wash...
An autumnal, warm, run, over a few of the hills along the course

Sunday was a return to the warm and still conditions down by the Grand Union Canal, in what can only be described as perfect temperature for running of 16C in NOVEMBER !??! Yes, I've covered this race in sub zero with frost and ice, so as far as work is concerned - far better conditions to be outside, except for the several millions of midges that decided they wanted to check out by hi-viz vest. A little bit muddy from yesterdays rain, but nothing to complain about !

Date Event Event type Gallery link
. This weekends events just gone . .
Sat-07/11/2015 Poppy Half half marathon, 10k, 5k
Sun-08/11/2015 PP Grand Union Half half marathon
. Last weekends events . .
Sun-01/11/2015 LBVCR The Veteran Car Run
. Next Events on the calendar . Go to the event via the gallery
Sat-14/11/2015 Brutal Long Valley XC - challenge
Sun-15/11/2015 B2TT
Back 2 the Trenches
Obstacle Race
Sun-15/11/2015 Brighton 10k 10k
Sun-29/11/2015 ETL Molehills XC Trails

Top points to everyone who contended with the weather in Bexhill, especially to Sally and Ben who were covering the race, it's difficult to take finish line photos whilst looking directly into the rain, keep your very expensive kit dry and take photos that people want to buy that don't look like they were taken on an phone. They of course did very well !
The new course with the finish nearer to the De La Warr Pavillion was a much better in terms of the finish location and the general layout of the race, just need to sort out the weather for next year, and of course - stop the duplicate numbers on the different races - that really doesn't help searching for your own images ! (don't worry, if you order a collection we will make sure you get your right ones - based on the photo you use for your order).

A nice bit of downhill at the start to get the legs moving along briskly

all nice and refreshing early on

If you're in a bit of a Titanic mood, then why not ?

A quick game of Netball or Basketball anyone ?

Practicing Dynamo's latest magic levitation trick

"have you seen the rain over there?"

For the finish !

Good work for the team

Always good to remember
And then on Sunday at the Grand Union Canal
Peaceful scenes on a nice autumn day

over the bridge and past the locks

What could be better eh?

Don't carry the weight of the bridge on your shoulders, relax

It was suddenly bad news on the radio about the WADA inquiry into doping and the IAAF and Russia

What's not to like about a run along this path ?

Everything went well

Nigel was enjoying it

Double thumbs for the last "hill"

Yes, mind that lock gate arm

More Titanic fun with Pedro

glad that one was over

Racing into the finish

Why wouldn't you not enjoy it ?

for the win !

All's well that ends well
Once again well done to the race organisers on two great events - firstly on Saturday for managing in the conditions and Purple Patch for keeping things flowing along the towpath with the staggered starts and waves.

Next weekend is the every race starting with a B, so that's a Brutal, Back2TheTrenches and the Brighton 10k. Weather forecast is looking good, if windy, so we will be looking for some slow out and fast returns on the seafront !

Until next time, train well,

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