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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Events to Live - 3 Molehills now live 2015

Testing of the House White atop Box Hill on Leg 1

Yes !!! The race gallery is now live and online here:

The 3 Molehills race is so called - I'm lead to believe - not because of the ironic naming of the three largest hills in the area as "molehills" to give the unsuspecting and naive runner a sense of security before succumbing to the race directors coincidental "in-joke" with the locals, but instead it is so named after the iconic topography that generated the three Hills by the river Mole.
Needs a bigger number?

Granted "The Mole River Three Hills Trail Run of pain" isn't such a snappy title, or would it be as much fun to watch the recently informed or those just discovering that these so called Molehills include some of the steepest escarpments in the South of England as you stand by the trig point at the top of Box Hill trying to admire the view whilst giving "encouragement" to those who for some unknown reason have slowed to a stumbling shuffle to get sustenance and oxygen from the water station.
No, it wasn't a sponsored 8 legged race - Can you spot the one with the twisted ankle ?

The other few interesting facts - that you can read in more detail on wikipedia - explain why the stepping stones get so readily covered over when it rains just a little bit, and also that it actually joins the Thames over by Hampton Court, at East Molesey of all places did you know ?
He didn't give them a really big push, just enough...

So for all of you who took part in running around a little bit of local history and hills, I hope you all had a cracking time, which despite the wind (that only really had any effect on the top of the Hills for a short while) and the small amount of rain - was perfect temperature for running, if a little dark for photography (ISO 8000 anyone? just as well I have 1DX isn't it, nice to see the price coming down)

So here's the full list of future events for you to come and enter over the next few months,

Date Event Event type Gallery Link
Sun-29/11/2015 ETL Molehills XC Gallery now live:
Next week to enter:

Website links on the race gallery:
Sun-06/12/2015 The Hogs Back 11.7k
Sun-06/12/2015 Seaford Mince Pie 10m
Mon-28/12/2015 Brutal Longmoor XC - challenge
Fri-01/01/2016 Serpentine 10k 10k
Sun-17/01/2016 ETL Denbies10 10m

Get your entries in for these races then - the Hogs Back is a great challenge and if you want to work off some Christmas excess - then get yourself booked in for the Brutal on the 28th of December - it's also a chance to enjoy 2hrs away from the relatives if you need an excuse...
The Seaford Mince Pie was sold out the last time I checked, although you might want to check the Serpentine 10k for some last minute places on New Years Day...

Good teamwork up to Box Hill

Everyone had a good run up the final steps

All going fine on the second leg

Running downhill is good fun

A Kazakhstan Snow Queen ?

All was good as Jo gave a thumbs up

The traditional blown raspberry welcome was afforded to some special people

Butter however wouldn't melt

Forgotten your sanity at the end ? - where did you put it last !

At least now they can get a shave

She did a fourth leg, and was suitably impressed

He didn't enjoy doing four legs

Pushing on past for the last minute win on the home straight

See you on Sunday at the Hogs Back or at the Mince Pie - the weather forecast isn't stacking up too well at the moment so I hope you can remember to show your number and not cover it up with your coats.
As a small point on the matter of number pinning - it does not work when you pin it to your shorts - we simply cannot see them because they wrap around your legs and we can't see the first or last digits... we do our best on indexing, but we are simply going to take less photos of you - because it saves us a lot of time struggling to index them up. Same goes for tri belts too - they just don't work.

Until next time - train hard !

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