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Friday, 15 April 2016

600 Blogs - Warrior Run and HONC 2016 galleries now live

Yes - the 600 is up !

So, 600 Blogs - at roughly one per week - yes - that's er, 12 years now... actually the first one was in Feb 2009, so actually 7 years of late night typing whatever comes into my head when the galleries are loaded up. It is all still a bit random, and perhaps that's a good thing ? That leads me onto -

This months survey
So - there's a little survey going on at the moment you can add to to help me work out what is the most popular bits of the blog - so far from the 4 responses it would appear the links to the galleries are one of them - but nobody has yet said they like my ranty bits - so you'll all have to wait for my incisive insights into the parish council parkrun decision until you do.

Here's a link to the survey for your delight - and I thank you for your help in guiding the blogs content - only the first 100 count...

Have more fun second time round from 2015
The 2015 SSP Archive
Did you know the entire 2015 race gallery is now available for free viewing (and purchasing !) - here - on our archive - so if you missed out first time - you have a second chance.

The 2016 Running Awards

The 2016 Running Awards - at the O2 - discount codes 
Discount code for 20% off the first 20 balcony tickets to this years Running Awards to use our discount code - if you're going to be in London for the marathon - this might be a nice relaxer for you on the Friday night.
Part of the evening includes entertainment from Beardyman, and Mike Bushell doing the awards.
Click on this link to Eventbrite to buy your tickets -
and use this discount code to get £5 off "TRAsussexsport22041620"
There's only 20 available - so get in quick...
The Running Awards Evening - running order
21:15: Doors and bars open
22.00: Start of The 2016 Running Awards presented by Mike Bushell and celebrity guests
23.00: Awards ceremony finishes
23.15: After Party on main floor - the brilliant Beardyman with an amazing beatbox set
23.35: VJ Rob Prince until 1am!

Race Entry Discount Corner
Just about to email all the race directors out there, so this list will grow !
Please do use them - as it helps the race directors know where their Runners are finding out about their races.
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
26-Jun-16 Harry Hawkes 10 SSP10HH  (10%off)
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK (10% off)

Race galleries now live are:
Date Race Gallery link
The Warrior Run - with free race downloads

HONC - Hell of the North Cotswolds

Only selected images from the Warrior run this weekend - for a variety of reasons that include time having run out to choose them for you...

The gallery is a free download - courtesy of those wonderful Warrior Peacock brothers, yet another excellent event from them which only gets better and better each time they put it on !
Spare Tyre carrying  was very popular

#Immortals Super woman

Harder than it looks, the view from one side

on the other side - Lending a helping step-up...

Finally - safe drone flying seen at an event - looking forwards to the footage

Top team running

Team togetherness

up for three laps then

standard photographer greeting waves. #rockandroll


now what have you forgotten ?

difficult to spot people once fully camouflaged - reminds me a bit of this (OCR from the 1980's ?) -


victory in finishing

don't fall asleep - you might fall...

oops butterfingers

perhaps this should be cropped a bit to only show the top person

And this is how you are supposed to do it 

zombie lake crossing

more zombies

the sudden reality hits that the cold wasn't a simulation

properly prepared marshalling

classic doublethumbs

eaten too much mud ?

what else are friends for then ?

When you're in the presence of a celebrity (he's the one on the right by the way)

That moment when you realise what your friend just did

Fresh washed and ready for more

The optimism of the start

just a bit of water - double ok

quick bit of lunging to pass the time

always waiting for the sunglasses to catch up

cry me a river ? This is what it looks like Mr Timberlake and it's not pretty.

she wasn't expecting that

and we weren't expecting that

Ironman gets some zero altitude practice in

proper racing through the obstacles was good to see

Lou has come such a long way from Darrick Wood

#doublehardbastards #eatmymud

when did it all go so wrong yet so right ?

Not sure that was as helpful as it was intended...

just have at you too

you can pull at a Warrior run

it's all fun really

contorted by the joy 

after the event, any leftovers are rinsed down the drain


Future Race listings - see you there !!
Date Event Event website
Sat-16/04/2016 AAT Clandon Park Run - .UP_35B3ZZBM
Sun-17/04/2016 7Oaks Tri
Fri-22/04/2016 The Running Awards
Sat-23/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon Kids race
Sat-23/04/2016 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-24/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon
Sun-24/04/2016 REP Bluebell
Sun-01/05/2016 3Forts Challenge
Sun-01/05/2016 Ranelagh Half
Sun-01/05/2016 REP Steyning Tri
Sun-01/05/2016 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-08/05/2016 EG Tri
Sun-08/05/2016 Seaford Half
Sun-15/05/2016 Oxford 10k
Sun-15/05/2016 Kelly's Cycle Challenge
Sun-15/05/2016 Bognor 10k
Sun-29/05/2016 REP Arundel Tri

Right that's it - I'll be up at 4am on Sunday - not for the Brighton Marathon, but the 7Oaks Triathlon.
If you are going to the Marathon don't forget Preston Park station is closed - so it's a longer walk from Brighton Main station to the start... Otherwise - enjoy the Clandon Park 10k in Guildford on Saturday too

Until next time,

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