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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Richmond and Paddock Wood Half, Bournemouth Bay Run and Folkestone 10 - 2016

All go at Paddock Wood - mind where you point that gun !

A fantastic weekends race action with three major events - all with half marathons at Paddock Wood and Richmond, and the Bournemouth Bay Run with the extra 10k, 5k and 1k Fun Runs to boot.The weather seemed to hold itself back with it being very warm in London and colder down on the coast in Bournemouth.
Just past the 1 mile mark at the water station for Folkestone in the warm sun

I must also apologise for the lack of a blog after the Easter Weekend (it's been busy, I've been ill, and it's year end) and not yet mentioning the Folkestone 10 - which was very good in perfect blue skies !
Full gallery links to recent races are below in the table.

Jump for joy it's discount corner !
Discount Corner ! 
As we continue to support race organisers by spreading the word on their events, they continue to give us special offers to share with you - which we see as a win-win.
I'll try to put this table in as regularly as possible and get even more offers for you - unfortunately one of the limitations is only the more tech savvy event organisers can do this for online entries - but we will continue to talk to all of them and see what we can do:
Date Future Races Event link Special SSP Discount code
26-June -16 The Harry Hawkes 10 SSP10HH
25-Sept -16 *NEW RACE*The Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon - new massive half marathon in London SSP10RBK

Next - See yourself in action in the galleries
The Latest race Galleries 

Date Race Gallery link
Fri-25/03/2016 Folkestone 10
Sun-03/04/2016 Paddock Wood
Sun-03/04/2016 Richmond 13.1 Half and 10k
Sun-03/04/2016 Bournemouth Bay Runs

1. Folkestone 10
Good running out near the front for Cambridge harriers

The Rhino costume is getting the london training in

Big Orpington turn out with Folkestone cliffs in the background

Dartford put out a strong team

That moment we like to catch - just as the power goes down

victory finish
2. Paddock Wood
Perfect conditions, and a very flat course - the nearest thing to a hill are the 2 railway bridges.

Harvel Hash House Harriers flew the entire race distance

The detail is always in the background

Up to 13 miles this time

enjoying that almost last hill at 10 miles

Tony working hard at the start - I think he got everyone ?

Sunglasses weather

If we can sell images to the "Selfie Sunday" Maidstone runners - then we are doing well

Top work up front in the early course

All going well

Perhaps a bit more practice on the Bolt Arrow pose, so it's not mistaken for anything else in the middle ?

Top work from Serpentine

Yeah, ha ha ha, look at him working on a Sunday... we do it because we love it !

Never seen Sponge Bob this angry at Bikini Bottom

New member for Maidstones Selfie Sundays

And this is my "Tree Pose"

Jump for joy - you've reached the finish Tigger
3. Richmond Half Marathon and 10k

lovely weather with the sun out on the River

Who's the most aerodynamic ?

Got to enjoy the towpath

Good fancy dress practice for London !

Tight finishing and competitive running

woopsy - mind the mat

Oh dear - didn't quite make the mat !

aching feet, then give them a rest ?!
4. Bournemouth Bay Run
Start them young

Marginally safer than Drones - plenty of Paragliders

Top finishing and best effort

Pipping your friend to the finish

That Lobster Shark combo

Buzz Lightyear discovers he can't fly and didn't want to run

Best sunglasses on the day for Catherine

Rugby Running - you can never be too safe

"Do your shoelaces up!"  - yeah whatevs...

Excellent Mo-bot

Good work and finishing on the seafront

Future months races coming up soon
Date Race Event link
Sun-10/04/2016 Warrior Run
Sun-10/04/2016 HONC
Sat-16/04/2016 AAT Clandon Park Run
Sun-17/04/2016 7Oaks Tri
Sat-23/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon
Sat-23/04/2016 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-24/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon
Sun-24/04/2016 REP Bluebell
Sun-01/05/2016 3Forts
Sun-01/05/2016 Ranelagh Half
Sun-01/05/2016 REP Steyning Tri
Sun-01/05/2016 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-08/05/2016 Seaford Half
Sun-15/05/2016 Kelly's Cycle Challenge
Sun-15/05/2016 Bognor 10k
Sun-15/05/2016 Oxford 10k

Finally - other peoples Blog corner
If you use our images and write an article or review and want to share it ? - then let me know and I'll post them here !
Here's a review of the Winter Nuts challenge -

Looking forwards to seeing you all at the Warrior on Sunday - it's a cracking course this time

Until next time, enjoy the last of the Easter School Holidays before the exam seasons start...

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