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Friday, 17 June 2016

The Mid-Sussex Tri and ETL Polesden 10k 2016 galleries now live

It was a great day at the Polesden Lacey 10k and Fun Run
The Mid Sussex Triathlon free download gallery, and the Events to Live Polesden 10k and Fun Run galleries are now live on the gallery - see the links, all fully catalogued for easy search !

This weekend

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us - with one of the highlights will be the Shrewsbury Half Marathon organised by the UK Run Chat team, and we are providing the full Pic2Go service - which means competitors who have registered their race number for free will get their photos direct to them on the day, even while the race is still going on ! (Lets hope that the internet connection works well)
It's going to be epic! (to quote my 8yr old Daughter, although I think that's because I'm away for the weekend ?) Check out the race website to see what's going on.
Wherever you are running, have a good one, and don't forget a bit of shopping to book yourself into something else soon...

Discount corner - places are going fast ! Looks a bit thin now, I'll see if I can get some more for you...
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
26-Jun-16 Harry Hawkes 10 SSP10HH

over 500 clicks through to get a place - don't miss out
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

This weekends races - it's a busy one, and not just in Sussex !
Click on the website links for late entries and details...
Date Event Website
Sat-18/06/2016 Brutal Frith Hill
Sat-18/06/2016 Muddy Mission
Sat-18/06/2016 Great Yorkshire Bike Ride
Sat-18/06/2016 REP Arun Swim - fere downloads
Sun-19/06/2016 Shrewsbury Half Marathon - with Full Pic2Go - Photos Direct to you on the Day
Sun-19/06/2016 Hampshire Hoppit

Today's Thought
The Low Carb High Fat diet is working, I'm 1 stone lighter already after about a month. There's more info on the website here , and here's an interesting introductory lecture recently given in America here
If you think it's because I'm doing loads of running - as usual (unfortunately) I'm not !- check out my profile via the SSP strava group although I did manage a half mile rep at 7min/mile pace on monday...

The Events to Live Polesden Lacey 10k and Fun Run
Another great event from the ETL stable with fantastic turnout for the picturesque and lovely venue just near Leatherhead around the North Downs. A small amount of rain didn't dampen the spirits !

All making it through the woods 

It was a bit rainy as the crowds waited near the finish

Terry  suddenly found himself behind the tallest runner in history

Bad Dad, forgot the coat again

Brings a whole new meaning to the world of High Fives

Some people carried off the smooth running

a clean pair of heels into the finish

Meeting your fans at the finish is always good fun

The Mid Sussex tri - held at Burgess Hill Triangle Leisure centre.  With a zig-zag swim it means everyone gets in and out of the water in very quick time, and we can get the best shots of everyone as they go up the pool on the first length. Unfortunately it was raining for the bike and the run, but that didn't seem to slow people down much, in fact I think people hurried up a bit to get the job done !

All go in the pool on the first length

and back up for the second length

a great double thumbs up finish

Mums back !

Helen flies in at the finish

for the win

great teamwork

Just a bit of rain to run through

Dad's back

Hulk feels pain

She wasn't singing

Happy Birthday Maa'm

Always a smile once you're out 

sheer relief and accurate timekeeping

Where ?!? The irony was her number was right next to her watch - on her hand

Proper double thumbs up to Jessica who was on swim exit photography duty

all going well here

all going well over here

defo going well here

going well over there

Bob was going well in the mist

Best catalogue pose of the day

is a wave better than a thumbs up ?

still all going well

probably not sunglasses weather ?

Right, this time next week (thursday) is the Eurovision economic contest, I hope you all have your voting papers ready and will go and put a cross in a box somewhere ?

Until next time and wish us luck - it's a busy weekend - the first time with more (4) events on a Saturday than the 2 events on a Sunday...


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