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Saturday, 21 January 2017

The London Winter Walk 2017 with Pic2Go

The Start of the London Winter Walk 2017

Last Sunday saw the first Pic2Go event of the year using the full technology capability - with The London Winter Walk 2017 - 20k along the River Thames.

Conditions were tough in the morning start with the freezing cold and rain, but things eased off a little bit in the afternoon - so overall it was a very hard challenge - much respect to our team who were out in those conditions as well - and they don't get to move about too much !

Extra pic2go barcode stickers on the outside of the waterproofs and ponchos meant that we were still able to catalogue the vast majority of images despite numbers being on peoples backs or covered over by warm clothing.
A bit of extra snow courtesy of the organisers lent plenty of atmosphere to the race.

Candid portraits taken before the start were processed before the main start waves began and Images of the start were out and online within 5 minutes of the start - with one account having over 22 Likes and comments of support and good luck only half and hour into the event.

So far to date the Pic2Go processed images that have gone onto Facebook have been seen almost 200,000 times - with over 300 participants registered, with 97% of all views taking place in the first 48 hours after the event - a great way to keep the experience and share memories with participants and friends and families.

All the images that went out had The Winter Walk event logo and branding on them to make them a perfect Memento for their New Years challenge - and a great day out along the Thames.

The London Winter walk is organised by Action Challenge - who have a very large and popular stable of events for you to choose from in 2017 - take a look here:

What does Pic2Go really do ?
This year is shaping up to be a big one for Pic2Go - the joy of proactively giving people their images, as soon as possible - rather than leaving them to be found and taken at a later date if they remember to - is a massive step in event memories and participant benefits that any event can now have and deliver.

Excellence in Customer Service is providing someone with something they want - *just* before they were going to think about it. See if you can remember the last time you were really impressed with good customer service - at a restaurant or on a flight, or in the shops, or even at home - You will probably find that it came down to this - someone did something for you just that moment before you wanted it - and it seemed fantastic, mind reading, and perfect.

This type of customer excellence is a magical thing to achieve as a photographer - and with Pic2Go we are now able to do just that - give competitors their photos just before they remember to look for them.

Our next task is to really get event organisers and sponsors on board with wanting to deliver customer excellence to their participants.
Leaving competitors to find their own photos after an event, even if they are free downloads is OK, but it doesn't have as much "wow", engagement, promotion or as much warm fuzzy feeling as giving them in the moment, at the time, and frankly - is much more FUN !!

Latest Galleries
So here's the gallery links for recent and upcoming races we are going to be at:

Date Event Name Gallery or event link
Newest Event
Sun-15/01/2017 The London Winter Walk 2017

Free images available via the Pic2Go sign up on the event page here:

The normal Gallery is here:
Last weeks events
Sun-08/01/2017 Tadworth Ten
Future Events
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Sat-11/03/2017 The Hero Races
All wrapped up and warm before the start

and they're off !

last safety briefing

British optimism

still good 4 minutes in

rain covers - on

organising going well

Bling !

added snow for effect ! but it was cold enough

valiant finishers

medals all round !

striding along

stopping for the cameras

a great day out with friends

Thames architecture

all good teamwork to get through the weather

Thumbs up

Selfies or back view ?

everything was hokey kokey

oops butterfingers

not the umbrella he meant to bring

strike a pose !

All done for the action challenge !!

Right that's it for today, next up is Denbies 10 tomorrow (sunday the 22nd) and they do have entries on the day - so go along because the weather is going to be perfect

Until next time, keep safe on the ice and training in the dark,

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