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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Worthing Half 2017 gallery live and call for entries

Running out from the front Kevin and Paul pushed fast and early at the Worthing Half - with Paul winning in 1:07:44
Cold but fair conditions for the Second Worthing Half Marathon on Sunday, again expertly organised by Perseverance Events, using the pier pavilion as the main administration base. Great support out on the course by the locals with the winding route making it easy to support runners multiple times as they ran around the course out as far as the Goring Gap. The slightly altered course from last year actually made this easier. With full road closure on the sea front until after the junior mini miles - it was apparently quite busy in town.
The race gallery is here
The facebook live footage from the start of the race

The weather was grey, and a bit mizzly at first with cold damp wind from the north east dropping the temperature into the low 3-4degC, and ominous dark snow-holding clouds loomed over the north horizon, making it very dark at one point in the morning. Slowly the sun cracked through the clouds and with some thinning, and things generally brightened up for the finish.

With the course being almost perfectly flat - if you don't count going up the kerbs when cutting corners (Claire...) - then the biggest hill is going up the slight slope from the seafront road onto the promenade on the finish - probably a 2 ft rise...  This gives rise to some fast times, with Paul Martelletti taking the win in a fast 1:07:44 - although that is almost two minutes slower than his run in Spain last week -
I'd blame the cold...

Call for entries - don't get caught out
A quick call for entries for three events that we will be bringing you later in the year across three different distances - so something for everyone here:

1. 10k - The First Leicester Town and Gown 10k on March the 5th. organised by Muscular Dystrophy

2. The ABP Southampton 10k, Half, and Full Marathon at the end of April - it is filling up fast and has a fantastic route -

3. On June the 10th - The Heineken Race to the Tower - a new 100km Ultra event -

All the other gallery and event links you could possibly want are in the table below:

Date Event Name Event or gallery link
This Weekend
Sun-12/02/2017 Worthing Half Marathon
Last Weekend
Sun-05/02/2017 Gloucester Marathon
Sun-05/02/2017 Watford Half
Sun-05/02/2017 ETL Bookham 10k
Future Races
Sun-19/02/2017 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-25/02/2017 English National XC Champs
Sat-25/02/2017 Brutal Temple Valley
Sun-05/03/2017 Berkhamsted Half Marathon
Sun-05/03/2017 Leicester 10k
Sun-05/03/2017 Steyning Stinger
Sat-11/03/2017 Surrey Schools XC Champs
Sun-12/03/2017 Colchester Half
Sat-18/03/2017 Kelly's Clandon Park Run
Sun-19/03/2017 ETL Spring Badger Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Salomon Richmond Half and 10k
Sun-19/03/2017 Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017 Brentwood Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Hastings Half Marathon
Sat-25/03/2017 AAT Bolt
Sun-26/03/2017 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-02/04/2017 Paddock Wood

recreating Ben Johnson finishing the 1988 Olympic 100m

I must go and see La La Land.

Classic FM and in the conductor zone

Eric and Ernie bringing sunshine

An ironic Double thumbs up to Donald Trump ? or all is going well

It's like a face palming Bolt. The cool kids tell me it's a "dub".

You can taste the sea in the air

He's a happy chap, although the guy in front apparently won.

Dionne signalled her surrender after hiding her race number

Force of habit or an attempt to show race number. 

*waves to the crowds*

All is good on the last 800m

Early on, it was all going well here...

"Ultimate Ben" is an upgrade from just Ben, seen next to him.

feeling good at the finish

This does make running a half marathon harder...

Nice as it is, the face you don't want to see at a Race, because it means you are in trouble...

The Worthing Mayor commiserates with the Winner.

Almost the end of the day for all the races and Heading home.

PB's for Ed and Lester. Can't be bad !

Otherwise - Happy Valentines Day - I hope you didn't succumb to unnecessary commercial pressure just to do something you probably do all year anyway (don't you) or don't want to do.

Until next weekend - when we will see you at the Hampton Court Half Marathon ! (and hopefully be a bit warmer).



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